My Crochet Story!

I have only just learned how to crochet!   This is my very first project so wanted to share it with some one, and I have chosen you… When I was a little girl I remember my Grandma was very keen on crochet, I always thought it a bit “Granny bee-ish” and didn’t pay much attention, that was the late 1960’s – 70’s  so style, as I remember was a bit psychedelic .  I was more interested in what my other Grandma was doing, which was sewing… (I would like to tell you a little about my Grandma’s another time if I may)  Now, sewing I could go on and on, and on about!

So this is how it all began for me when I realised I REALLY wanted to learn!


I looked at a few books at the written instructions, also the little charts-diagrams  you come across,  just could not make head nor tail of what all the ‘stitches’ were… I asked a few friends who were very patient, but still the penny did not drop.  Then I came across this you tube site sat with my lap top, a crochet hook,  ball of wool, and my finger hovering over the pause button one evening and learned how!!


Off I went to buy more wool in lots of yummy colours.  This wool is KING COLE MERINO BLEND DOUBLE KNIT 100% super wash wool at about £3.00 (ish) a ball.  Now, how many do you need??? No idea… I thought I would keep going… especially as I had the knack and couldn’t stop with the enjoyment of producing these lovely little fellas!  In the end I stopped at 100 as I thought is was a good number, and the pile by my chair in the living room was quite big.


We had an off cut of carpet in the loft that I thought might do to “block” the grannies out on.  It was a perfect base as the pins went into  the hessian backing and stayed put even under a little tension.  Out came the iron with steam setting which I hovered over the grannies.  I left them on the carpet until they dried out naturally.


I was happy with the random mixed-up colours so left them as they were laid out ready to join… My next dilemma.  Do I stitch or crochet together?   Oh what to do???  In the end Lucy at (just C&P this in your address bar!) gave me these tips and off I went.  I was a bit fed up to start with as the grannies had minds of their own and wouldn’t sit nicely!  I tamed them and got them all together.



This is the 100 grannies joined but not blocked into shape.


Bit closer…


100 grannies all blocked out on the carpet!


I was very happy with my grannies so decided to treat them to a nice colourful boarder!  I really enjoyed crocheting this part too as I had the ‘clusters’  perfected by this stage in my crochet lessons.


The boarder a little closer…

So, that is my story, and my  very first blog…

Please leave me a comment, just skip past the email section, hope to hear from you soon, bye, Jay x


5 thoughts on “My Crochet Story!

  1. Oh HAPPY DAY, welcome to Blogland Jay!!!!!!!!
    Thrilled to find you here, and looking forward to seeing more,..,,share your chocolates?!!
    ps have a wonderful time tomorrow at cL….I’m going on Sunday, yaayy!!!xxxxx

    • Thanks “L” for your message… yes my chocolates will be coming along soon… quite excited about that, need to perfect my presentation!
      You enjoy CL on Sunday…. looking forward to going tomorrow to see what all those clever CL exhibitors have been up to since last year… Do keep in touch
      Jay X

  2. Jay I have copied your crochet pattern so that must surely be the greatest compliment. Keep the blog up. Really interesting about the sprouts. Jxx

  3. What wonderful colors! Beautiful work Jenny 🙂 For someone that has just learned to crochet, you are a natural! xxx Heidi

  4. That is some mammoth project for your first crochet attempt. You must be absolutely thrilled with the result.
    I taught myself to crochet from a book, in the days before youtube. My sister had knitted a cardigan for the impending birth of her child and the cardigan had a crocheted border. My sister didn’t know how to crochet and she thought I would. I borrowed a book from the library and there you have it. I now love crochet just as much as I do knitting.

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