The Brussels Sprout… Ummm, you either love them or hate them… true?

It is sprout season again, one of the traditional foodie items at Christmas time… Some people may say that they could do without them at Christmas for all sorts of reasons!   The poor old sprout is the butt of many jokes, along with mums saying to their children “eat your sprouts…”

One of my favourite memories of sprout eating is the TV sketch when Geraldine from “The Vicar Of Dibley”  is invited to Christmas lunch at  a  number of her congregations homes, feeling she can’t refuse any she accepts them all!  In one scene she is stuffing sprouts in her cheeks, it’s very funny but also makes you cringe as well… poor Geraldine… I really don’t mind if this episode is on as a repeat this Christmas… fingers crossed it is!

Here a few facts about Brussels sprouts that you may not know:-

1.  It won it’s name after becoming popular in the Belgian capital in the 16th century , however, the Brussels Sprout is originally thought to have come from Iran and Afghanistan.

2.  To the untrained eye one sprout may look  like another, but there are over 50 varieties!

3.  In December the supermarket Morrison’s, sells about 650 tonnes of sprouts each week (!) that is more than the take off weight of an A380 Airbus.

4.  In the run-up to Christmas farmers run 10 times as many harvesters, and work from dawn until dusk picking them.

5.   Farmer John Clappison grows 1 in every 2o Brussels Sprouts sold in the UK.

Now, for those mums reading this who are going to have a problem getting children  to “eat their sprouts” maybe a little bribery is in order, how about these… yes chocolate sprouts from M&S.  I’m not saying that you should give them chocolate sprouts on their plate for Christmas Day lunch… oh no, but they could have a chocy one after lunch “IF” all the veggie versions have been eaten.


These are the chocolate ones… aren’t they good!


These are the veggie ones…


again….this is chocolate….


…and this is a veggie! (I took ages going  through my Brussels Sprouts looking for a good looking  specimen,  this one got the job, handsome little critter don’t you think)


Once more… these are chocolate!

So, that’s my cheeky little take on THE BRUSSELS SPROUT…  Now onto yet another BRUSSELS SPROUT goodie  that I have found!


Some of the ingredients… I’m not joking…


The recipe is courtesy of Weeton’s of Harrogate  if you fancy having a go at making it, if however you want to try a piece they have it on their menu in their restaurant  (which is a lovely place to have lunch if you are in Harrogate Christmas shopping over the next couple of weeks)

I can assure you the cake is delicious, I made it today.  I must say it felt really rather weird tipping chopped Brussels Sprouts, (and other veggies) into sugar, eggs and spices, mixing it up and pouring into tins for the oven!  But it works and tastes yummy.


Cake, with a big hunk taken out and eaten before it was even properly cold…

I did let on to the family what the ingredients were after the plates were scraped clean from every crumb…

Could this be a good way to get the children  to eat a little bit of Brussels Sprouts, now, do you tell them or not?  That is up to you!

Please come back to visit me as I have  some thoughts I would like to share with you about one of my favourite things CHOCOLATE!

Jay X

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My little extra snippet for you

“Did you know… they have square watermelons in Japan” (fact by Soo)


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