I must have driven past this tree most days for nearly 20 years and have never noticed it until this winter.

It has really made me smile!

I look out for it every time I drive by to see if it is yet nude!  … But, still it hangs onto it’s fruit…

One day soon, just when it thinks I’m not watching it will be all twiggy and will merge in with all the other wintery trees.

I shall notice what happens next,   Oh “Lizzy’s Tree” (that’s what I have decided to call it) when little bright green leaves appear, then  pretty blossom, to weeny little hard fruit, then BIG APPLES again!

I will post the photo’s onto my blog thru the year.


Thanks for popping by!
Jay x

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My little extra snippet for you…
It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown! (Fact by Soo)


2 thoughts on “LIZZY’S TREE

  1. Love the extra snippet, made me use y seventeen smiley muscles!
    Happy New Year Mrs Wren, looking forward to getting back to Coopers this week, hope to see you there?

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TO! YES… very much looking forward to getting back to Coopers and hearing what all the busy bee’s have been upto over the Festive Season… Thanks for your message, always lovely to hear that folk are smiling! See you soon, Jay XXX

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