Recently my daughter had  been raising money for an expedition she desperately wanted to be involved with.  Climate and environmental studies in the Arctic for six weeks!  The first part of it, before even setting one foot in the Polar Regions was to raise her own funds (very good first lesson!)   We, as a family  sat down and made a list of things she could do, from washing cars, to making cakes,   to getting a little weekend job and making and selling little crafty items at a local craft fair.  One of the things we made were HAPPINESS BOXES! (see my next blog and I will explain all about these)  One of the important parts of this little project were shinny pennies.


When I piled up this little lot, took the photo I felt they should be worth a fortune, like a heap of gold coins that should be in Gringotts!


Every time we went shopping and  got a new penny in our change we kept it aside, also the  counter staff at our local bank and building society  and the post office  were very sweet too and rooked around in their coins to exchange dull ordinary  pennies  for lovely shinny ones.

The boxes were a great success and she sold a nice little heap which added to her funds.

My daughter managed to get all the funds she needed, has since been on her expedition (Oh boy did she have an adventure) She arrived   back home a mature and very capable young lady.  She was asked by her headmaster to present “Her Story” at school, which she really enjoyed.

Since then, I haven’t had the heart to stop saving shinny pennies, I guess just incase she wants to do it all again.  I know this sounds really  mumsie(ish), but even now,  each time I get a new penny in my change, it makes me smile and I have a little “proud mother moment”.  I now have a super little stash of new pennies (and 2p’s) all ready to add to future happiness boxes!


I get such a buzz when I drop these little shinny treasures of no big  value into my jar on the kitchen window sill…. guess how much they add up to…  scroll down to the bottom of this blog…


Soppy story…. but true!

Best wishes, Jay X

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Little extra snippet for you:

Most car horns honk in the key of F !!



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