Okay, I promised last blog entry that I would tell you all about the HAPPINESS BOXES we made to raise a little money for my daughters expedition fund.

They are not functional, a little bit silly (sort-of-tongue-in-cheek) and some thing we thought might make people smile!  I guess they could be given instead of a Birthday card, or to cheer some one up, or just to say “thank you” …


So what  inside?

A PENNY                                 “so you will never be broke”

A MARBLE                             “so you don’t loose yours…..”

AN ELASTIC BAND             “to stretch yourself beyond the limit”

A PAPER CLIP                      “hold things together when they fall apart”

A HEART                                “so you will never be love lost”

A BULLDOG CLIP               “so you are always organised”

A BUTTON                             “to press in case of panic”

GLITTER                                 “so you will never loose your sparkle”


Here is how you make them:-

There are some very pretty papers/thin card available in craft shops which are ideal to make these boxes.  We found the 12″ x 12″ sheets are excellent as you can make  either four tops (use plain white for bottom) or two complete boxes out of one sheet. You will need a sharp pencil, a ruler and a pair of scissors.


Measure and cut a 6″ x 6″ square.


On the wrong side of the paper/card, place the ruler diagonally, from corner point to corner point and draw a little line in the centre of the square, do this for both corners so you end up with a little cross.


Fold each corner into the centre so the tip of the corner meets the pencilled cross, press the fold to form a crisp crease.


Open out two sides and re-fold the sides into the centre. Repeat on the other two sides.



Gently unfold and pinch a diagonal fold into the little “folded” square that has appeared in the corner.



Refold each side back into the centre to create the “box” shape.



Make another box exactly the same, HOWEVER  reduce the size by approx 2mm on each side to allow the first box (lid)  to snuggly fit over the smaller (bottom)  box.  You may wish to save your fancy card/paper and make the smaller  one out of plain card/paper, then you can make more  boxes form  your original sheet of pretty card/paper!


Collect your little stash of “treasures” together and pop into the box!


Tie a little bit of fancy ribbon around the finished box, and give it to some one  to say…

Happy Birthday…

Thank you…

Get better soon…

I’m thinking of you…

Keep smiling…

… or any other occasion you might think of!

Best wishes,

Jay X

Please leave me a comment, just skip past the email bit… hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

Extra snippet for you from Soo

John Lennon’s cat was called Elvis!


3 thoughts on “HAPPINESS BOXES

  1. These boxes are wonderful. The shiny pennies make me smile too, lovely story. I like your snippets of factology as well, honking horns in the key of F –how funny! 🙂 Will be visiting again shortly. x

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