This jar of chocolaty, nutty yumminess has only been found on my panty shelf since my daughter (Grace) arrived on the scene!  She is now a teenager and her love for it has not wained in the slightest!  It is always on the grocery shopping list along with the normal, milk, butter, eggs, veg…. and NUTELLA!

While we were on a city break to Cologne  just before Christmas, we stumbled across  a very novel and fun packaging idea we had not seen before …. teeny weeny jars, one for each day of the week!   Something for the ultimate NUTELLA fan… We sneaked out to the super market and bought a pack as a surprise joke for Grace  to wrap up for an extra Christmas pressie.



The next time I was in the super market  at home I saw the biggest jar I had ever seen, so bought that too!


So, now we have it, the whole NUTELLA  FAMILY, Daddy, mummy and baby!


Well… strictly speaking, seven babies!!


The joke went down really well on Christmas day, so well,  I thought we might be eating NUTELLA sandwiches for lunch instead of turkey… but we didn’t. Phew…

Let me tell you a little about NUTELLA.

The very first form of NUTELLA  was actually called PASTA GIANDUJA  and was produced by the Italian Pietro Ferrero in the 1940’s. GIANDUJA was the name of a carnival character that was famous in the region at this time.

The original consistency was made in ‘loaves’ and wrapped in tinfoil, it was sliced and made into sandwiches, many mothers said that the GIANDUJA was eaten by the children and the bread left uneaten!  As hazel nuts were in plentiful supply in the Piedmont region (northwest of Italy) they were used in conjunction with the chocolate, to make it go further.

Mr Ferrero changed the product to the form we know of today, a paste in a jar, and re-named it ‘SUPERCREMA GIANDUJA.  Then, in 1964 it was re-named again to NUTELLA.

NUTELLA was first imported into the US in 1983, soon after it became available world wide.  I should imagine that you can buy it in most supermarkets throughout the world!

If you want to read a little more about NUTELLA, the full history, favourite recipes… go to

We have made a cake using NUTELLA, which I will share to you next blog… so please pop back soon!

Best wishes Jay X

Please leave me a message… just skip past the email part, hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

Extra snippet for you… from Soo…. “The humming bird, is the only bird that can fly backwards”


One thought on “NUTELLA FAMILY!

  1. Mmmmm Nutella. I haven’t had Nutella for ages, it was always in the cupboard when the girls were at home… time they visit I will get some in – just for them (not me :-)) I love the little daily tubs!
    Jilly x

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