I hope you had a little chuckle about our NUTELLA FAMILY!

So,  NUTELLA the story continues…

Grace  came home from school on Thursday saying that is was her turn to make a cake!  On a Friday in this particular subject,  the teacher lets the youngsters bring in a cake to eat at the end of the lesson.  It has become a bit of a competition-tradition, they take it in turns to take in a cake.  There are some “rules”… that have to be observed!  It has to be home made, must be made by the participant, must be squidgy, full of calories, and either unusual or a total epic traditional recipe.  I get the feeling that they want to out do each other!

As we have rather a LARGE supply of NUTELLA in the pantry, I suggested we use some of  it for the “FRIDAY CAKE”

Well, as promised this is the cake Grace  made using NUTELLA… It was a HUGE success, all scoffed without the trace of a crumb!

After much mother/daughter discussion this is what we decided on, and it worked a treat!  Based on a Victoria Sandwich recipe.  As it was for the whole class we made it a bit bigger, and changed a few things.

6oz Self raising flour (sifted  high above the mixing bowl to add air)

1 level teaspoon of baking powder

6oz of soften butter, or margarine (at room temperature)

6oz caster sugar

3 large eggs (at room temperature



Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 3, 325 Fo, 170 oC.

Line a cake tin (approx 7″ to 8″) with baking parchment

In a large roomy mixing bowl (see my future blog about my mixing bowls!!!) sift the flour, add all the other ingredients, and for best results whisk with an electric hand whisk/blender.


Once the mixture goes all thick and creamy, and almost changes colour to light cream, you know it’s ready to put in the tin!

Spoon in approx half the mixture, spreading it to cover the bottom of the tin.  Put the jar of NUTELLA in the micro wave on de-frost, or hardly any heat at all, and let  it have approx 30 seconds to “warm” only.  Drizzle as much as you want (!) over the mixture (we used a good 3-4 table spoons full) Then carefully spoon the remaining cake mixture over to cover the NUTELLA.


Bake for approx 30 mins… we like our cake a little moist, (rare… can you have rare cake?) so only just let if cook.  Do the skewer test, but look for a little residue clinging onto  the skewer if you like a moist cake, if you like a dryer texture, leave it in the oven till the skewer is clean.

Leave to cool, then smother the top with lashings of NUTELLA!


Best wishes  love Jay and  Grace  XX

Please leave me a message, just skip past the email bit, hope to hear from you, thanks!

Extra snippet for you…. from Soo… Donald Duck comic’s were banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants!


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