I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever been excited about a box of tissues in my life…  However these  really made me smile so had to buy a few boxes!  One for my kitchen, another for my work room, and another two, one each for my crafty friends… I know it doesn’t sound much of a pressie, but I would be delighted if I was given a box!



I bought them from ALDI of all places,  I spied them on the shelf with all the other typical packaged brands.  It was the button side I saw first… I  Zooommmmmed over to them, practically tripping over in my excitement, before I knew it,   four jumped into my trolley!  Off I went to the till to pay for my groceries with these little beauties balanced on the top of my food shopping, made this trip to the supermarket very cheery!


Jay X

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Extra snippet for you from soo!

The average person walks approx 4 miles per year making their bed (well… teenagers are not your average person!… what about men?   different species?)

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