Have you heard that OXFAM  in SKIPTON have a concept for crafters to donate and make…?  It has been named OMG!  (Oxfam Makers Group) go into the site and have a look  to see all about it. http://www.oxfam.org.uk/fashion-blog/2013/10/oxfam-skipton-omg-oxfam-makers-group  They explain it much better than I ever could!)   Well,  I met  the ladies from OXFAM at YARNDALE    who were holding a YARN AMNISTY!  what a terrific idea!
If you want any information, help, advice or just a chat to see what you can do, ask for Mary (the Branch Manager) she is the brain child behind it all! She’s brilliant…

After Yarndale in September “13, I got stuck into my stash of “crafty things” made a few bits and bobs before Christmas for them to sell.  Now we are approaching Easter so my thinking cap is on again!

This is one of the things I have come up with:-


They are really easy to make if you fancy having a go to either add to your Easter display in your home, or to make to give this Easter!

There are many different versions in good crochet books, or you can search on PINTEREST, or just google or look at utube tutorials… This is my absolute favourite go to Heidi Bears blog and look at crochet Easter Eggs. http://heidibearscreative.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/crocheted-easter-egg-tutorial.html Her tutorial is just FANTASTIC, helps you every single step of the way, lots of excellent photos and the end result is a perfect egg! You will be blown away with Heidi’s other tutorials and her patterns… I need to talk to you about all of this in a later blog…

So, first of all you need to make your eggs…


Then start adding the little ribbons so you can loop them on to a twiggy decoration.


I love my little tweezer grippy gadgets which work brilliantly for this project. (Sorry… I know, I have mentioned these before!)


Grip the ribbon and push gently through a few stitches at the “top” of your egg.


Pull the ribbon through a nice little length, enough to make a loop, make a knot and tie a little bow. Gently pull the loop down so the knot is near the crocheting, wiggle it a bit and help the knot to sit in-between the crochet stitches, use your little grippers to do this or use a knitting needle… be gentle…


So, this is what they look like. Either match ribbon to colour of egg, or mix and match.



I got a bit carried away one weekend and made this whole bowl full…. don’t they look great!


So before I take them into OMG in Skipton for them to display and sell, I thought I would have a little play at arranging them and this is what I came up with, you will find other ideas to display them differently I am sure!


Nice fresh EASTER colours!


Hope you have a very HAPPY EASTER with lots of eggs, most being BIG CHOCOLATE ONES!!

Bye for now,

Jay x

Please leave me a comment, you can just skip past the email bit, hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

Extra snippet by Soo…
Cola would be green if colouring wasn’t added…. true!


2 thoughts on “EASTER EGGS FOR OMG!

  1. So Cute! I think I might even like these eggs more than the big chocolate ones for easter! (I’m pretty sure chocolate gives me spots….) Thanks for the link to the tutorial too – time to crack out the crochet hooks I think! 😀

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