I have been invited to an OMG meeting at the Oxfam shop in Skipton this week, by Mary the manager.  Sounds like she has a nice little collection of Easter goodies to display in the shop, ready to sell to those who want to celebrate Easter and most importantly to support the charity. It will be great to find out how OMG is going as well.

Have a look at their site… it explains it all!

I’ve had my “thinking cap” on again trying to conjure up some more ideas that might be of interest and may raise a little bit on funds to keep OMG going and support such a super idea…. This is what I have come up with…

Paper lolly pop’s!


You could stick them in pot plants to make a quick and “super” easy display for Easter (different colours and styles for other seasons… what do you think?)



Make some lolly’s shapes  to stick onto cards to make  “any occasions cards”   (very useful to have in stock in case you need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  THANK YOU, or a simple little  GET WELL SOON message)

This is how they are made if you want to have a go, or if you want to buy these you will need to pop into Oxfam Skipton as that is where they will be soon!

You will need to hunt around in your craft cupboard for  few things or see if your crafty friends might have bits and bobs to give or loan you, or pop into your local craft shop…. you need an excuse to visit…? Oh no you don’t!!

I used these card/paper punches, normal stationery hole punch and a glue stick.


Then I collected coloured card, sticky spots, coloured wire and little fine sticks from the florists… (or even BBQ bamboo kebab sticks)


If you can only find plain white sticky spots (like price labels you can buy from the stationers) don’t worry, get out your coloured felt tip pens or SHARPIES, and colour them in…. easy!


Then off you go, punching, sticking, glueing…


Choose  colour schemes, or use up all sorts of little bits and bobs of card in your craft stash…

Make other things, why not make a little hole in one side, thread a length of  cotton or fine ribbon,  and make parcel tags…


Stick then onto  little boxes (have a look at my previous blog on HAPPINESS BOXES to see how they are made)  make them into decorations…


Get carried away and use the punched out circles (make a little punch hole either side) to make colourful garland buntings of all sorts of cards, use garden twine, thread, ribbon, yarn  to string them together.


… any colours…


… any cards… look around in your paper/recycling bin and see what you can use,  some thing for the guys, have a close look!


… good Eh!…

Thanks once again for your visit, keep busy with ideas…

Bye, Jay X

Please leave me a comment… you can just skip past the leave your email bit… looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!

My little extra snippet for you, fact by Soo    “The Mona Lisa has no eye brows”



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