Well, what a dear little chap! Let me tell you how I came by this delightful pattern…
A dear friend of mine took the challenge and decided to make LOLLA BEAR for her daughter. She was telling me about this marvellous talented crochet designer HEIDI BEAR, who I had not come across before. I was totally overcome by the designs, they are absolutely wonderful! The method of crochet is based on AFRICAN crochet shapes.

Oh, please have a look at HIEDI’S website to see all her creations, and her lovely story… You can buy and down load HEIDI’S pattern for a very reasonable cost, the patterns are sooOOooo detailed and beautifully photographed so looking at them will makes you really want to make one of her lovely creatures!

Have a look at Heidi’s blog where you can reach her pattern down loads http://heidibearscreative.blogspot.co.uk/

So, off my friend went to the craft shop to buy her yarn (she bought two lots, one for practice and another for “proper”)

In the mean time I found this lovely magazine with the little birds on the front cover… I bought two copies one for me and another as a little treat for my friend. I thought the BLUEBIRD of HAPPINESS would be a good practice for both of us to make and get our AFRICAN pentagon, hexagon, triangle and square perfected before starting on our animals.


I loved the colour combination of red and blue with a hint of lime green so those are the yarn colours I decided on.
The red and green are ROWAN pure wool 4 ply, and the blue ROWAN wool cotton 4 ply, and they work just fine together… I was a little concerned about using two different yarns, but I went with my gut feel as the colours were more important to me than keeping yarn type the same… I need not have worried!

I made all my pentagons first (11 multi-coloured and 2 self coloured)


Then the two squares, and last shapes was the triangle…

And very lastly I made the little three feather tail (which was a little tricky!) Sorry, forgot to take a photo of the tail before stitching onto the bird. To curl the feathers a little I wrapped them around a pencil, pinned them and sprayed with a little water and left to dry.


This is the little heap of “tail-ends” that I snipped away while I tidied the finished crochet shapes.


Then I made up the bird according to Heidi’s very comprehensive instructions and photographs in the magazine (very, very detailed I TOTALLY RECOMMEND you buy a copy!) adding the tail feather, beak and eyes…
I am thrilled to bits with the results… what do you think?

Be happy, crochet one of HEIDI’S creations.

Best wished, Jay x

Please leave me a comment… you can just skip past the leave email part… thanks, look forward to hearing from you!

My little extra snippet for you… fact by Soo “The name WENDY was made up for the original book PETER PAN, there was never a recorded Wendy before”


9 thoughts on “HEIDI’S BLUEBIRD…

  1. Jenny, your little birdie is just beautiful! Well done! I love the colors and how neat and perfect your stitches are…lovely work 🙂 I also really love your blog, it’s fabulous…I will be bookmarking it and will visit often 🙂 Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my patterns…you are an awesomely kind lady! love and hugs, Heidi

    • Hi there Heidi, thrilled to bits that you have left me a comment! I really enjoyed making my little bird thanks to your superb instructions… I am going to make another one, different colours next time!
      Me smiling very much :o) J X

  2. Hi Jilly, once you master the pentagon, and practice using a small hook the bird comes together… why not give it a try! Such a cute little bird I really enjoyed the challenge… good to hear from you, best wishes, Jay x

  3. Hello Jay, this is my first visit to your blog, I’ve followed Jilly’s link to you. Heidi’s bluebird pattern is lovely and you’ve made a delightful one – lovely colour choice. Liz

    • Hi Liz, Oh lovely to hear from you, delighted that you came by my blog via Jilly… I enjoyed crocheting the little bird, really would like to tackle one of Heidi Bears other projects… they are so clever!
      Best wishes, Jay

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