You know when you are cooking and the recipe says “add seasoning” which we all know as salt and pepper, well what about having a special home made seasoning especially made by you in your kitchen!

On the kitchen counter top right next to the cooker I have my collection of every day cooking ingredients. I must admit that I normally don’t like having “things” cluttering up my counter top…. unless the “things” are attractive!


So what I do is decant all my every day ingredients into attractive bottles, dishes and jars…
As they are unpacked from my shopping bag.


I make up my special seasoning, which I put in a pretty little snap shut, air tight jar.

The large glass bottles I bought from Ikea at just a few pounds. Other little jars you can pick up really cheaply from cook shops.

The old fashioned pickle jar I use for my sugar I bought from the junk shop (ooooOOoo should I say second hand shop?) for next to nothing.

Bog standard table salt in a cute little glass dish with lid, and I found a teeny little wooden scoop… perfect!


I mixed up own ground salt crystal, and normal table salt, black and white pepper corns ground, and a pinch of vegetarian stock powder. This, I use all the time for seasoning. It is especially tasty to sprinkle on roast potatoes after a little drizzle of olive oil… try it and see!

On my little shiny tin tray I have:-

Bottle of pure olive oil for salad dressings, drizzle and to add flavour
Bottle of “lite” olive oil which I like to use for quick stir fry’s
Bottle of normal corn oil for roasting and greasing cake tins and baking trays
Jar of my special seasoning
Dish of salt for adding to water of some vegetable cooking (not many as most I use the steamer)
Pepper grinder for salads and sandwiches
Jar of little paper sachet of sugar that I have saved when having a coffee out (I don’t take sugar) I find these very useful if you need just a little sprinkle over strawberries or in a salad dressing.


My posh pepper and salt grinders, salt with pink salt crystals! Not sure if they do taste any different, but it is very pretty!

I know that some may think it is a waste of time and a bit compulsive, to do all this, but I quite like ‘my’ tray of every day cooking items looking attractive and close at hand…

And all the empty bottles and jars go into the recycling bin too!

Okay… you think I’m nuts… right? :o)
Season food with love, best wishes, Jay x

Please leave me a comment…. just skip past the “leave email address”  thanks, look forward to hearing from you!

My little extra snippet for you by Soo “Prior to the 1930’s, diamonds were rarely given as the stone in engagement rings… other precious stones were”


6 thoughts on “SEASONING!

  1. I have an oil bottle and a vinegar bottle near the stove but I like your idea of having all the seasonings in one place, looking attractive on a tray.

  2. Yes… I like to have all my cooking seasonings and oils handy, but not keen at all on the super market packaging (some aren’t too bad actually!). My family think I am bonkers the length I go to to make this little area in my kitchen looking “just right” for me!
    Jay x

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