Do you remember me posting a blog about the quirky goings-on about “Lizzie’s Tree”? Well I promised I would let you know how the tree was doing thru the seasons. Now we have passed winter (some days it still feels a bit wintery, by hey… we are getting there aren’t we?) I thought I had better pay attention to what was happening….

Well this… little fresh bright green baby leaves!


Here is LIZZY’S tree surrounded by lots of other trees and shrubs in full bloom of Spring blossom…  I always think it is such a shame on a windy Spring day that often the blossom all blows from the tree.  We must enjoy the blossom while it is on the trees as it is there for such a short time.


This beautiful tree dressed with Spring blossom and is at the bottom of my road.


And look into this fluffy pink candy floss of cherry blossom.  I must say the pink cherry blossom on the trees this year is absolutely beautiful.


Will be back with some more blogs soon, but in the mean time, thanks for bobbing by!

Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Soo   “In the Caribbean there are oysters that can climb trees”


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