How lucky are we in the North of England to be having the TOUR DE FRANCE  in July… even more so for us in our village as it is going to pass right through! We have noticed a few things happening, the council are definately doing work on the road surface, repairing stone walls and pavements. A few signs along the route are adverting camp sites (what a great idea for farmers and land owners to earn a little extra money in these hard times) Also a great way to get involved with the event as a spectator, especially if you have a young family and want to be ‘RIGHT THERE’ as the cyclists pass and all that goes with them… the advertisers and side shows!  Very exciting!

I saw this fantastic sign, just had to stop to take a photo!  I can tell you this site is on the A65 in-between the Draughton and Skipton turnings.

The location is right in the country side, so if you want fresh air and lots of space around you this could be the answer to your TOUR DE FRANCE  accommodation!

If you or any family and friends need to camp why not get in touch with these folk!   NEW LAITH CAMP SITE, Draughton, Nr Skipton, give them a call (look at the pic’s for phone numbers) or go to, http://www.yorkshire.com/wheretostay



This sign is on the church hall in our village…



And this is one of the many banners up in town!


And this fabric is soooOOOooo cute, don’t you think?  Not quite the type of bike we will be seeing.  We might not be able to focus much on the bikes any way as they WHIZZzzzZZ by!



It has made me think about my Grandad who was a very keen and competitive long distance cyclist in the 1930’s. There is a lovely story that my mum and aunty told me. After my grandad proposed to my grandma and the wedding date had been set, an important and prestigious cycle race was announced, and just by chance was the same day as the wedding. Now what does a young man do when he has two loves. His young beautiful bride to be and his cycling team!!! Like any gentleman he turned down the race! But, boy in later life did he remind my grandma how “special” she was and teased her about the fact that he would have won the race… but… “I chose you!” he would say “…give over..” would be her reply…

This is one of his medals that was given to me on his death.


I know that the TOUR DE FRANCE is a different cycling discipline to the races he would have taken part in, but he would have been fascinated with having it pass through the village. I wonder what ever happened to his bike?
I have seen photo’s of him on his bike and in his skin tight cycling out fit looking as slim and lean as a whippet… and soooOOooo very young! This is one my mum dug out which shows him looking groovy in his rather baggy big shorts, and just check out his cute little shoes! Looking at this photo really made me giggle as I don’t remember him at all like this… I remember him as a rather up right elderly gent, nearly always wore a tie and waistcoat, loved to walk and his favourite thing in his later life was dancing!


So… do you want to know what I have done as my little crafting TOUR DE FRANCE tribute so far… here it is!


I found a willing model to pose in the sweater too!  I will type out the knitting pattern and post it on my next blog in a day or so…


I am sure to blog about the race in the summer, I am really quite excited about it!
I have found this route in a magazine but if you want to see more details of the the route please go to www.letouryorkshiredales.com


There are bound to be all sorts of folk blogging about THE TOUR, before hand and most definitely  after!


Best wishes Jay X

I would love to hear from you, if you fancy leaving me a comment please do so… just skip past the email bit and go straight to “post comment”

My little extra snippet for you from  Soo … “The average corn on the cob has appox 800 kernels”




  1. I won’t have to go far either to watch as it’s going right past the bottom of our hill. After our camping last week we drove home, accidentally along much of the route and found ourselves playing “spot the yellow bicycle” along the way. So many to see. Lots of houses, shops and business have them outside. It really is quite exciting.

  2. Your Grandad sounds as if he was a very interesting man, nice to have the memento and the photo. Love the little jumper, I will wait for the patten and have a go at knitting one myself. Not for myself of cause! Great blog. I Liked the Izzy Tree one as well. Georgie

  3. I look forward to reading your blog posts during the Tour as I stay up to watch it on the TV here in Australia. In previous years I have blogged about the Tour and will probably do so again this year.

  4. Oh yes, I am pretty excited, bit giddy actually, that the TOUR is going to be here…. right on our door step, we are soOOooo lucky!
    We are having a little count down in the family, almost like how many “sleeps” before it’s here! Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and also for your comments. Hope we might stay in touch one way or another over the ‘BLOGWAVES’ all the best, Jay …

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