Do you remember a little while ago reading  my blog (please scroll back through my older posts to find the original one)  telling you about the fantastic support  TAYLOR’S YORKSHIRE TEA, COFFEE and BETTY’S TEA ROOMS are giving to the SAVE THE RAIN FOREST PROJECT, TREE FOR LIFE APPEAL.  Well…look at this lovely message I received from Victoria Turner,  after submitting our family pages of tokens saved from their products!

Dear Yorkshire Rainforest Project Supporter,


Thank you for the tokens you have sent in for our Yorkshire Rainforest Project. Your support is so appreciated and is helping us to achieve our goal of protecting an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire.


Since we launched our ‘Trees for Life’ appeal over 20 years ago, thanks to the support of our tea and coffee drinkers, we’ve planted 3 million trees in countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and South Africa, as well as here in Britain. Now, with an acre of rainforest destroyed every second of every day, we’ve pledged to protect an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire.


One way we do this is by asking our customers to collect tokens. However, from the feedback we have had over the last few years, we have realised that the process of sending in tokens from packs of Taylors Coffee and Yorkshire Tea may be becoming outdated and we are researching new ways for our customers to further support our tree projects. In the future you may see the tokens disappear from our Yorkshire Tea and Taylors Coffee packs. Bettys & Taylors will continue to aim to donate 5% of all our profits every year to charity projects – including our tree planting and protection projects. Therefore, just by buying from us our customers are helping to plant and protect trees around the world.


The tireless support and enthusiasm for our conservation work from our customers is one of the main reasons we’re still committed to planting and protecting trees after 23 years and we are excited to continue this work with even greater ambition in the future. Should you wish to find out more about the project please visit www.yorkshirerainforestproject.co.uk


With greatest thanks for your support and very best wishes.




Victoria Turner

On behalf of Bettys and Taylors


So, it sounds like TAYLOR’S are going to update their donation system in the future,  every time you buy one of their product it will generate funds for the charity, making it automatic for us supporters to give so easily, whilst enjoying a perfect cup of tea or coffee!  How nice is that!

I  do quite like the whole cutting out the coupons and sticking them on to the printout collection pages, it sort-of gives the family a challenge to fill up the page so we can get it in the post…   I should imagine the admin takes a lot  time so can totally understand the reasons for the change.

Until the new system is in place, we are still very much collecting those precious tokens in readiness to send more pages to plant more trees.


Why not down load their token page and print it out  anyway, stick it on the fridge with a magnet so it is a reminder to “cut-out the coupon” and stick it on every time… that’s what we do!


So, TAYLORS, well done for the last 23 years of your fantastic work to plant trees around the world, you are to be congratulated!

Best wishes, Jay x

Please leave me a message if you feel like it, would always be delighted to hear from you… just whizz past the “email address” bit and just hit the “send comment” button… THANKS…

My little extra snippet for you from Soo “A crocodile can not stick it’s tongue out”




  1. Very satisfying to do something to help others. Not sure if you can buy Taylor’s products in Australia, I will be on the lookout now. Great blog. Georgie

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