Well… after my blog “…. having a PRE -TOUR DE FRANCE moment…” I found that there is sooooOoooo much yellow in our lives, so took some snaps of stuff around and about, then went on the hunt for YELLOW!   This is what I found…. It is really quite amazing how colour means so much to us all without even realising it.

Here are my “yellow moments” for you to giggle at!


Well, what better way to start than a daffodil…


Zoom in on a bunch of  daffy’s…



National Geographic is an iconic publication and every one should buy at least one copy in their lives… beautiful photos, … brilliant!


A little collection from my craft room. First up my yellow button collection… do you think I have enough? :o)


Reel of thread from my thread RAINBOW collection.


This is the wool/cotton that I knitted TOUR de FRANCE teddy’s sweater from.


Yep… still in my craft room…


… still in my craft room!


… still in my craft room!


…last one in my craft room…. didn’t realise I’d got so much yellow !


This little jar of yellow shells I  collected with my sister when we were little girls living by the sea side… I must have had them in this jar for about 40 years… how can I ever part with them.  Gee, we used to have fun as kids playing on the beach in all weathers… beach combing after a storm to see what was washed up on the beach… Making sand castles and getting very wet  jumping the waves and getting terribly told off by mum (on many occasions I remember!) when we got home… naughty little girls!


My daughters little discrete watch… I think not!


From the fruit bowl


Another collecting  habit I have… marbles I  L-O-V-E        T-H-E-M and do still collect!


I was almost inside this fluffy edged tulip to take this photo… Wow… that is what you call true YELLOW!




Jelly segments used for cake decorations… I do make a rather cheeky orange and lemon cake… I will share it with you soon!


Oh my word… from another little collection of mine…



I just remembered my scissors all have YELLOW handles so could not leave them out could I?


Yes … a very sophisticated calculator that I have in my hand bag!


This very “cool” swanky car …


This classic iconic sign! We don’t seem to visit so much these days now we are all grown-ups!

Well… this post  turned out to be a REALLY VERY YELLOW DUDE blog… Hope you enjoyed it, I thoroughly enjoyed collecting all these photo’s, I am sure I will find it difficult not to take a photo of some thing YELLOW should I see it, will have to ween myself off!

please leave me a message/comment, I would be delighted to hear from you… I am always interested to hear what you have to say!

Bye for now, Jay xxx

My extra snippet for you from Soo   “Dr Spock from STAR TREK  blood type was T negative”




4 thoughts on “ALL THINGS YELLOW!

  1. YELLOW. Inspiring. Who would think of that, only you. Sounds like you and your sister got up to all sort’s of things when you were younger, bet you still do, if you get half a chance. Georgie

  2. Colour in our lives is a wonderful treasure… especially a jolly one such as YELLOW! Thanks for sharing
    Best wishes, LW

  3. Yellow is not a favourite colour of mine, but nothing heralds the end of winter quite like the sunny yellow heads of daffodils in spring, and it brightens so many embroideries, quilts and gardens……yep, we couldn’t do without YELLOW. Jo

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