Oh, you simply must buy a copy of this BRAND NEW magazine, it is absolutely delightful!


So, it is  called  “LOVE Sewing” published by  Practical Publications / Inspire Imagine Create.   £5.99 a copy     Issue number 1

The web is   and…. it is available for subscription too, hey, wouldn’t it make  a superb Birthday present for your best friend, mum, sister, daughter to buy this for her… go on!



This first issue is really truly packed with some loveleeee ideas, fantastic photo’s and clear easy to follow instructions.   PLUS… a LIBERTY SEWING book AND  a very pretty fat 1/4 of LIBERTY fabric… and there’s  more, a pattern to make a few cute little goodies, penguin and Russian doll.



I have taken a few “tasty” photo’s to get you interested,  but to get the full glory of LOVE SEWING you really MUST buy a copy of your own, you won’t be disappointed!


Thank you for popping bye, Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “The very first hairdryer was powered by diesel fuel”

I would be so pleased to hear from you, please leave me a comment, just skip pass the “email” bit if you want and go straight to “send comment”


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