I am a big BIG fan of bunting!  It is such a bright and cheerful way to snaz-up any occasion.  I have made all sorts of “themed” bunting but my most recent idea I would like to share with you!

Also, as  I am a little bit wrapped up (and very excited) about LE TOUR, when I saw this fabric I knew I had to buy some and go  and make some bunting!


I know they are hardly like the whizz-bang bicycles that the riders will be racing on, but they are yellow, which seems to well and truly the  LE TOUR colour… and it is sooOOoo cute!


I bought some co-ordinating fabric which I thought would look good with my bike fabric.  You could use all the same fabric or buy a little selection of co-ordinating or contrasting fabrics… the choice is yours!


The first thing you need to do is make a paper template of the pennant.  I didn’t want terribly large pennants/flags as I have planned to hang it in the front porch and I have limited space. From top to tip measure approx 15cm, but you can make any size you want!  Large pennants/flags are great for outside in the garden or large rooms.  Fold a piece of paper in half and measure and mark your desired size, then cut it out.


Carefully look at the pattern  on the fabric and see if it has a directional design.  I wanted to centralise the little yellow bicycle so carefully pinned my paper template over the design.  You may not want to bother with this.  As the shape of the pennant/flag is easy to tip and tail you may want to consider that if you cut in this way, one side will be up-side down… I can’t bear to waste any fabric  so decided to used the up-side down pennants/flags for the back.  My other fabric selection is easy as it it plain, little random swirl and checked gingham.


Positioning the template.


Upside-down and right side up together.


Pin right sides (design)  together.


Machine down one side of the pennant/flag with approx 1/4″ seem allowance.  Needle down, turn, and machine up the other side.  You may wish to reduce the stitch size on your machine.  Leave top open.


Trim back some of the fabric at the tip to reduce bulk.  Turn in-side out and gently ease out the tip.  You can use a knitting needle for this, but go gentle as you do not want to poke the needle through the fabric.  I found the closed blades of your scissors work well if you are careful.


Firmly press with a steam iron all the pennants/flags in the same way.


Once you have made up all your pennants/flags in the same way you will have a nice little stash!  Trim all the little thread tail ends and tidy the open top part.  Make sure all the pennants/flags are the same size.  You may need to trim a little from the top of some.


Now you are ready to join them all together!  There are several ways to do this.  There are all sorts of ribbons and tapes that are great, you could even use some of your fabric,  make up strips.  I couldn’t decide on this check navy and white ribbon or the yellow and white checked bias tape.  I went for the yellow, following LE TOUR DE FRANCE colours!!


Pin the top open edge of each pennant/flat to the tape/ribbon, folding as you go.  You can space each pennant/flag at what ever distance you feel, mine are approx 2.5cm.  If you have a huge length of bunting to make… space them out a bit more!    Leave a little length of ribbon/tape at each end just in case you need to tie them onto some thing when displaying.


Machine into place.


Don’t they look lovely!


Now to show them to you in a neat little loop!   I am going leave it a little longer before I hang them in the porch… can hardly wait!


I am going to make a little length of teeny weeny bunting for my kitchen window with this fabric… what d’ya think? Cute?

If you have any questions, please do get in touch, if I can help with any thing I would be delighted to help.

Good luck if you fancy having a go at making some special bunting.

I will look out all the other styles and themes of bunting I have made over the years and blog them to you soon…. keep watching!


In the mean time, if you fancy a different style of bunting, I can recommend a few books.  This one is fab,  SEW BUNTING, stuffed full of some great idea’s!  It has brilliantly been put together by DEBBIE SHORE, easy to follow instructions and lovely photo’s.  Debbie will tell you what you need equipment wise, give you some tips and share her ideas of bunting she has come up with.  It’s a great price too at £9.99 from SEARCH PRESS http://www.searchpress.com



Two little snaps for you to peek at, but you really need to treat yourself to your own copy to decide which style you fancy having a go at making!


These are really cute booklets also from SEARCH PRESS, great value at £4.99 each.

I would be thrilled to hear from you, please leave me a comment, just whizz past the email section and go directly to “post comment”   thanks!

All the best and HAPPY BUNTING!

Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “Most male ducks are silent and don’t quack”





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