Our little town has a special collective group of knitters who are intent on decorating the place to welcome the TOUR DE FRANCE in a extra special way.  Look at these so far in  the shop windows, don’t they look absolutely fantastic!


This our lovely deli, cafe, in  the village…


…our cute little cake shop…


… and a few in shop windows…SAM_2758

The pattern is available on Take a moment to read on… Not only are the little yellow sweaters special for LE TOUR, but also afterwards when the events and excitement has finished,  they will be collected up, washed and sent out to the special baby units in Sierra Leone and Kenya… How wonderful is that … a BIG well done to who ever thought of this, EXCELLENT IDEA don’t you agree?

Just down load the pattern and get knitting… be quick as you don’t want to miss the deadline, which is 10th June.


This is the big ball of soft touch wool I have bought… nice and snuggly for little babies.


This 100gram ball is almost enough to make two little jumpers.  I weighed the first completed one, realised that I “might” be a little short, so asked my friend, who is also knitting away like crazy if she had a little bit left over from hers.  So decided to add a little stripe or two (three actually!) so I could finish my second jumper. CUTE eh?  I guess it might depend on your knitting technique on how much wool you use, a tight knitter might be okay getting two jumpers from 1oogram ball…


Oh, since then I thought, hey I have time to keep knitting.   I am so very much taken with the whole purpose I bought more wool and have started another sweater… hope to get two, fingers crossed.


Thought I’d try and be a little bit cheeky and try and knit a different LE TOUR jumper … this has really made me smile as I’d love to think of all those little babies in their sweaters…


So, this is what happened with the white and red wool!

Here is my little collection of jumpers that I have enjoyed knitting and are ready to give to LE TOUR JUMPER project…
My good friend knitted this little weeny jumper for me, (not actually for me to wear!!) and this is all the wool that was left!

Thank you for reading this blog, hope you have enjoyed this little story, and maybe might get you to get your knitting needles out and pop to the shops to buy some yellow wool … start knitting now!

Best wishes, Jay x   Would be lovely to hear from you, your comments would be most welcome, whizz past the email bit if you want and go straight to “post comment”  look forward to hearing from you.

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo  “Children born in May are on average 200 grams heavier at birth than babies born in any other month of the year”



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  2. We were up in your neck of the woods on the long weekend and were lucky enough to see some of the cute little jumpers hanging in the shops. The north is looking very ‘tour-de-France’ ready.

    • The little jumpers after LE TOUR are to be sent to the pre-mature baby units in Kenya and Sierra Leon. Such a lovely idea that all the ladies who have been knitting away furiously know that all their efforts will be enjoyed by all the LE TOUR spectator and then will be of some comfort to all those pre-mature little infants…

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