My blog has been temporarily “blog-napped” for this next post by my sister… this is what she has to say!  Over to her now, bye Jay xx

I am the Snoo at the end of each of Jay’s blogs as “little snippets”.  I am also her ever-so slightly bonkers sister, the same sister who was the naughty little girl who has an attraction to sea water, playing on the beach  and  getting into trouble. As  sisters  we didn’t do the terribly competitive things like “anythingyoucandoIcandobetter” in our childhood,  just pure and simple good fun of little  sisters playing.   We had a great childhood together.

I too share a total interest in the OMG project that Oxfam in Skipton are running in their shop.   I also  support them with crafty items and ideas that we sisters have been making.   We  both get a bit giddy and excited when we come up with some thing…!

Now, as you scroll down the pages you will see I like a little bit of RED, I could not do a collection like this with any other colour, but then again who knows… and here goes!

This is the car I bought.


This is the car I would like to have bought!!!   Oh in my dreams…


I love this one… teeny toy car!


….and this one too! (Made into a funky brooch!)

From the third drawer down in the kitchen unit… you know the one with all the useful stuff in that you keep but don’t really need, but you never get around to getting rid of.
Beautiful tomatoes…
Always need a little chilli


Still in the kitchen…. red pegs, you’ve  got to love them eh!

Little tin bought for me as a treat from my eldest son on a memorable trip to Paris. The chocolates were delicious, but long gone, so now I keep my crochet hooks in it, perfect size and always makes me smile as a little Parisian moment sneaks back into my mind…
Hank of red wool. I bought this wool years ago to knit sweaters for my little boys who are now 19 and 21, both over 6 foot tall and would certainly NOT entertain wearing a hand knitted sweater!
Coffee take-out cup, looks very “cool” and great that I don’t need to bother with plastic disposable cups… little bit on recycling going on here!
Very posh cookie tin which was full of ginger biscuits (long gone!)
My sisters red spotty kettle that she said I must sneak in some where!
These little Russian Dolls are actually measuring cups!


This  beautiful box was filled with the most delicious chocolates ever!


These lovely crafted fabric  chocolates are beautifully made by my sister Jay, she has them for sale in her etsy shop, the attention to detail on  each choc  is amazing!    This is a little “taster” of the red “wrapped” ones, she has made a selection box… honest!  Please go and have a look at them in her etsy shop.


This fish I knitted for my sister as she said she wanted a knitted fish…(*&%!!$£@$£… yes, I thought so too, a little crazy) well you have to humour them don’t you!



OH MY WORD….. WE MUST BE SISTER’S  both having red spec’s!  These are my glasses, (first photo)  second pic are my little sister’s (bought without knowing what each of us had purchased at the opticians… H-O-W     S-C-A-R-Y   is that!


WAKIE WAKIE!!!  Big red olde fashioned alarm clock to wake up to!


Collection of red beads trying to look like red berry’s don’t you think?


Funky red “flip-on” bracelet watch… C-O-O-L   for the summer look!


‘Cool girl dude’ PANDORA bracelet with red leather rolled thong and beautiful charms.


This little bike and card really made me smile and are for you Jay, as I know you are thinking LE TOUR a lot at the moment!


And to end this totally RED blog, to keep my sis happy as she seems to be a bit excited about LE TOUR, this little wire bicycle!

So best wishes, thank you Jay for letting me do  my RED blog on the TSW, and thank YOU too, for reading this post!

We sisters would love to hear from you if you want to leave a comment message for us!

Bye,  Snoo… and to end with “my” little snippet “Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated”


One thought on “SEEING RED!

  1. Nice one! Maybe you should get together, yellow and red and do an ORANGE one! I like the glasses, might even get a red pair myself. Georgie

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