OOOOooo errrrr, is the  title of this blog a bit cheeky?  Forgive me if you think it is, but I really do feel I should share this with you!  Photo’s of plants, flowers and such like  are  normally not my style, however these big blooms have won me over, so have decided to  change my blogging rule, just this time!


When I went out to my car this morning the Peony’s blooms  were so massively heavy they were bobbed right down to the paving slabs in front of the car, so decided to  cut just the ones that were in danger of being driven over.  I know they don’t seem to last a minute once cut, not that much longer on the plant.  I was almost feeling a hero for saving these from almost  a definite squashing!


I almost climbed aboard this Peony to get this shot….

There are still plenty  of flowers on the plant, ranging from ABSOLUTELY HUGE,  to solid hard round buds… Scroll down and see.  They are so amazing I have given them all names…. Biggy, big girl, fluffy, extra fluffy, flouncy, bouncy…. okay, sorry,  getting a bit carried away and confirming my bonker-ness..





I have an exceedingly tall glass vase which is perfect…. what d’ya think?


And… this last photo before I pass out with enthusiasm, just to show you how GIGANTIC the blooms really are… Please excuse toes, maybe I should have bought some pink nail varnish and taken a glam shot here instead!

Bye for now Jay, X

Go on, leave me a comment!  If you do, you can always whizz right by the email boxed and just click on “post comment”

My little extra snippet for you form Snoo ” The yo yo originated in the Philippines, where it was used as a weapon in hunting”

PS… I will be featuring one of my Peony photo’s in a future blog…. keep tuning in!




  1. Hi Jay! What an adorable blog you have here! I just discovered it when I was writing my own post featuring photographs of peonies–it came up as a suggestion for a related article, so I linked to it in my “Related Articles” section at the bottom of my post today. (It’s here, in case you want to take a peek: http://www.joyfullygreen.com/2014/06/my-week-in-5-photos-blooming-and-growing-and-not-just-the-flowers.html). I go crazy over the gigantic peonies as well! What a strange and gorgeous flower…
    Happy to “meet” you!


    • Hello Joy, how very nice to meet you! Thank you very much for stopping by. I am so enjoying having these great big flouncy blooms in my life at the moment. I break out in a big smile when I pass by them in the hall way, and greet the one’s outside with a cheery hello, and “out the way big blooms” and gently move them away from the car. I have popped into your blog so feel we have been introduced properly! Best wishes, Jay….

  2. It must be the year of the Peony as my plants have also brought me some stunning blooms. I also took the oppotunity to cut them and have their beauty indoors. I love to see flower shots in blog land

    • Hello,
      The Peony – Herbaceous perennial plant some times large enough to resemble a tree! Huge flower bloom colours range from red to white (including the beautiful pink that grows in my garden) to even yellow!
      Native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America.
      Named after Paeon, student of Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine and healing…
      Thanks for stopping by to read my pages, best wishes, Jay… The Sewing Wren

      • The Peony I have I am not exactly sure which one it is, but could be one of the following….
        Dr Alexander Fleming
        Gilbert Wild
        or maybe Hermione…!
        All of the above look similar to those that bloom in my garden, and all marvellous!

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