I know we are officially now  “Summer Time” but I would love to share with you a snatch of some thing quite beautiful that happened in our garden during “Spring Time”.   I had every intention of posting this blog earlier,  as soon as I had taken the photo’s, but truly I have been so busy I haven’t had a spare moment to sort it out.  I am now enjoying a tiny snap shot of peaceful time,  thought I would treat myself to a little blogging session.


We had been watching eagerly  the activity  with “our” Blue Tits back and forth, early on in  Spring  with all the bits and pieces they were popping in the bird box for their nest.  Then the frenzy of “in-and-out” intensity,  with beaks full of nibbles for the chicks.  What Fantastic parents!


Then…  LOOK…  we saw this little face peeping out, we were sooOOOoo exited! For the remainder of the morning we sat at the kitchen window and watched, it was truly wonderful seeing these little chaps fledge.


My favourite photo, mummy Blue Tit sitting on the roof of the bird house, chatting to her baby.  I am sure she was saying  “come on sweetie… out you come!”


Sure enough this cute little thing popped out and landed on the lawn, squeaking away like mad!


Then, very soon after a little brother or sister jumped out,  decided to grip with tiny grippy feet  to the mini solar light cable….  In the end we counted four chicks dotted around the garden.  Mum and dad Blue Tit were doing their pieces to keep the family fed and reassured.  It was a wonderful way to spend the morning!  Through out the day we watched as one by one the babes flew off to the safety of a tree in the corner of the garden.  We could hear them, but couldn’t see, however felt  immensely pleased to see them fledge.  Then… LOOK!


WOW… another little visitor!  We put this fat and peanut block out  really close on the fence to the bird house as we thought it would help mum and dad Blue Tit during those days when they were working so hard to keep the family fed.

A few days later we made the decision to have a look in the bird house, as soon as we were absolutely sure the baby’s had all departed.  The nest was so tiny and soft, very clean, the only  bit that made our hearts sink with a little sadness was there was one beautiful tiny unblemished egg that was perfect in every way, but unhatched…

We still have the Blue Tits visit our garden, might be because they know where to get a meal as the fat block is still there for them.

A very talented  friend of mine makes beautiful hand crafted birds in her work shop… Each little bird is absolutely exquisite in every detail.   I just had to have a Blue Tit to give to R (he was thrilled to bits!) and a weeny perfect little wren for me!  I just could not resist!


How cute, don’t you just love it!


OoooOoo!   So tiny and delightful!

If you want to know more about these little beauties and others that my friend makes go and find her on http://www.facebook.com/RhubarbandCider  you will want to as her  bird collection is fabulous,  and her photos are much better than mine.

Thank you, good of you to visit, please send me a message, and  go find the birds at Rhubarb and Cider!

Best wishes Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo  “Chickens won’t walk on ice”



  1. How lovely to be able to see the Blue Tit family grow and better still, to be able to catch it on the camera. We used to have blue wrens at our previous house which was out in the bush but we now live near the coast in not such a bushy area so don’t see as many wrens. We have planted lots of native bushes to encourage them so hopefully we will see some wrens in the future.

    I used to be in the Blue Tit patrol when I was in Guides in Scotland.

    I love the hand made birds that you bought. They are beautifully made.

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