We have been so excited up here in Yorkshire over the last few weeks, but the excitement really kicked in today with LE GRAND DEPART from Leeds. When I woke very early this morning it was wet and dreary, and like most Le Tour fans was a little bit fed up, however by mid morning the sun was out and it was turning into a lovely day! Where ever you are in the world, you must agree Yorkshire looked absolutely beautiful! Seeing the TV coverage from the helicopter made me SO HAPPY as the countryside looked stunning.

LE TOUR is passing through our village tomorrow, and I can hardly contain myself, I will be watching and cheering ALL the cyclists, it’s the spectacle of the event that has bowled me over rather than an individual rider, I think all the participants are to be admired for their true grit and determination.

Pottering around this afternoon with LE TOUR fever running through my veins I thought what can I do for my next blog which is a different from any thing else that may be done as a LE TOUR blog…

CRAZY… eh?


This blog starts with these packets of sweeties…


I opened the packets and tipped them all out in this big heap…


The sorted them into colours…


Okay, next I kept the yellow, red and green, and put aside the other colours…. can you see where I am going with these selected colours…? scroll down!






All scooped up, mixed together again,  found this glass jar in the pantry, ready to nibble and share with the family!

Thank you for visiting, leave me a comment, would love to hear from you, just whizz by the bits you might not want to complete and hit the “post commit” button… thanks!

Bye, Jay X

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “Koala’s are excellent swimmers”


One thought on “LE SKITTLES! Ooo La La!

  1. Yorkshire looked amazing from here in Australia. 😊
    The size of the crowds were unbelievable. At one stage it was difficult to pick out the cyclists in amongst the spectators.
    I love what you did with the Skittles. Great creative thinking.

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