We had a tremendos thunder and lightening storm yesterday.  You know the ones that you can see, hear and almost feel through your body… well it was like that!


Ever since I was a little girl I have been really scared of big noisy storms.  I can remember quite clearly dashing into my parents room at night, crawling under the covers between them, and listening to them saying soothing things to me.  Often a little story, most often the one  about people in heaven moving the furniture around up stairs…I bought that one when I was very tiny,   or an angry man who lives in the clouds is a bit cross with some one and is shouting… but as I got older I knew that didn’t sound quite right!


As I got wiser, I remember the more scientific explanation from my dad (he especially loves all this sort of explanation stuff)  counting the time  between the flash to the rumble and working out how far away the storm is.  

I clearly remember him being a bit of a cloud boffin to!  Seeing clouds like this (below) and saying “oooOOOo storm on the way”  He often looked into the sky and talked about cirrus, nimbostratus, cumulus…  He loved the weather and often went off into his own little world chatting about precipitation, thermals, Isobars, high and low pressure and the one he explained the best “the Jet Stream”… think that was the one he was most fascinated by.

Although I am still anxious when there is a thunder storm, I can see the spectacular natural show that mother nature puts on for us from time to time.  The cloud formations can be amazing, the dark moody sky’s menacing look,  the crack of lightening quite unbelievable when the light up the sky for that second or two. Pretty terrific to think this is all natural.

I think if you talk to most people you will find they have a fear, wether it is spiders, going to the dentist, being in a confined space, heights… to be totally fearless must be quite unusual.

The symbol of the lightening bolt is out there as a striking reminder, some times a powerful image,  something meaningful, dramatic or for our entertainment…!



Sorry I haven’t been writing my blog as regularly as I have done, but I have been so busy with all sorts of things!

Do keep dropping by, always super to know you are out there wondering if I am about to blog!

Bye, Jay xxx

My little snippet for you from Snoo “Dr Spock’s (Star Trek) blood type was “T negative”


2 thoughts on “BIG STORMS…

  1. David Bowie, or Ziggie, certainly made use of the lightning symbol as did the pop group Kiss.
    I am one of those people who enjoy rain storms as long as there is not too much wind accompanying the rain.
    Nice to see a blog post from you.

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