THINK PINK! Getting ready for 24th October 2014…

A while ago I wrote a blog about The Tour de France,  while  I was thinking YELLOW, my next blog  turned into a bit of a YELLOW DUDE ! Since then I have been looking at how certain colours influence  our lives and how we look at colour for different things…. Red, green, gold  together  to me, means CHRISTMAS Orange and black HALLOWEEN White,  brides  and SNOW and all things pure Red, LOVE, letter boxes, tomatoes,  fast cars…! Deep purple,  ecclesiasticals or CADBURY’S chocolate! Blue, the sky, Jeans, Blackburn Rovers (touch of white too) forget-me-nots Red, white and blue together very patriotic for many countries around our globe Red, Labour. Blue, Conservative. Orange, Lib Dem Green, any thing to do with Ireland ‘THE EMERALD ISLE’, grass, Spring time Yellow, naturally The Tour de France(!)  sunshine, butter cups Pink, Breast cancer….. PINK…. I am going to stop here other wise my  mind  will orbit away on colours for certain things until I run out of colours!   I am going to stick with PINK for the remainder of this blog. I think you will agree that most of us have been touched by this horrid disease … breast cancer… It maybe you,  your mum, your sister, your best friend, work colleague or the lady next door,  all could tell a sad story to others, and we would listen to the words spoken with sorrow or with hope. So “sisters” I am going to now show you my collection of ALL THINGS PINK that I have gathered for your amusement, hope to make you smile ,  I certainly have on my foraging around for PINKNESS! Take a moment to think about those wonderful women… SAM_2361 Lets kick off with emptying my buttons again and picking out all the pink ones… SAM_2339 While in my craft room I scurried through and found this reel of thread… very pink indeed! SAM_2340 Still in my craft room … this fabric… SAM_2344 This is the ultimate pink fluffy yarn  don’t you think? SAM_2350 This has got to be the ultimate pink glitter… yes? SAM_2353 These little pink paper roses. SAM_2379 From my painted wooden heart collection. SAM_2347 Craft “birdie” embelishments. SAM_2505 Yes…. PINK CHOCOLATE MONEY!!!  Every girl should have some of these… money and chocolate, perfect combination don’t you think? SAM_2508 Got a bit carried away taking photos of my PINK money! SAM_2506 Okay… the last money photo…! SAM_2349 Paper drinking straws.SAM_2362 This little painted tin egg has a beautiful  “egg” shaped soap inside… it was given to me by a dear friend of mine. SAM_2341 This cute cup cake fabric. SAM_2430 Cherry blossom … this photo was taken in the spring ready to add to this post which was on my mind a few months ago. SAM_2764 This bath time duck is called “Betty” and is the official BREAST CANCER rubber duck!  Proceeds of sales of “Betty” go to the charity….  Good eh! As it is nearing BREAST CANCER AWARENESS DAY 24th October, may  I ask you to make a comment at the end…. for every comment I receive this month  I will donate £1 to the CHARITY…. While I have been collecting my snaps of PINK things and writing this blog, my thoughts have been with those ladies  I know who have suffered, so to all  you gals who have faced THE BITCH OF BREAST CANCER and KICKED HER HARD long may you be encourage and thrive….  Lynda F, Mary Mac, Brenda H, Louise C , Maria P ….

Hope to hear from you… all the very best to you, Jay x


One thought on “THINK PINK! Getting ready for 24th October 2014…

  1. The pink fluffy yarn looks adorable. Have you made anything from it or is it just in your stash?
    I like the idea of having the pink duck as a symbol for the fund raising.

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