Do you remember that beautiful advent on the TV that John Lewis produced prior to Christmas 2012… It was truly romantic.  It tugged at my heart strings every time it was shown.  If you want to watch visit

The superb music of THE POWER OF LOVE with the fantastic animation and delightful story of “boy loves girl” made me want to try and make my little tribute of TSW’s  “SNOW COUPLE”.  After a few attempts, several pro to-types I came up with this charming frosty pair!  You can make them too if you wish… please continue to read on, thanks!


I spent ages finding just the right accessories to try and replicate (in my opinion) what the SNOW COUPLE should look like if they were made into Christmas table top decorations for your home.



I hunted high and low to find the perfect carrot button for his nose, just the right orange colour and the perfect size.  I found a lovely winter green/navy combination of yarn for his scarf, which knitted up looks great.   His “coal” eyes (like hers) are little black glass crystal beads which are perfect to give his little “twinkle”



Pretty little wrap around red with white spotty scarf made from a length of fabric. Her gloves are hand made wooden laser cut and hand painted buttons, which I was very lucky to find, again perfect size! Her nose is the weeniest little button I have ever seen, her eyes (as his) are little black crystal beads.  Chestnut brown mohair wool for her hair and red felt for her beret… complete with bobble, which you can’t see from “her” photo, scroll down… there you are…


Cozy together… just look at their happy little faces!

If you want to make these two, I have made a kit up with full instructions, including every thing you need (except poly toy stuffing)  which you can purchase  from  my Etsy shop
Hope to hear from you!

Bye for now Jay x

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “In Elizabethan times carnation flower petals were used to spice wine and ale”


3 thoughts on “SNOWMAN…”THE POWER OF LOVE” (John Lewis)

  1. Jay. What a lovely snow couple. How cleaver you are. I have watched the add, so sweet, thank you for giving us the link. Maxie

  2. These are beautiful. You are one clever lady to find all the necessary embellishments to make them look just right. I hope you sell lots of kits from your Etsy shop. Heather

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