Just recently I  have been as  far away from the normal “me” as I could possibly get,  please excuse me for my absence.  To get back my confidence I thought I would tell you some thing “Completely Random” leaving you thinking … my word, what is she on about now!


These trendy fun and functional cups are a must for any one wanting to dash into a coffee shop, have  their chosen beverage made in one, jump in the car and sit sipping a hot drink  while stuck in a traffic jam…?   Sip  while you are on the way back to work as you stroll along.  Or, maybe  at home  you have  just made a cuppa, then realise you are late for meeting the children from school, pour and dash,  ….  Loads of other case senario, pick you own!

But, the real beautiful story behind the KeepCup  can be found on read it,  I am sure you will  agree with me,   just love the true reason for them, REUSABLE helping to cut down such a huge amount of  daily waste,  plus,  holding the flavour of your cuppa… Well done you guys at KeepCup!  Such a great idea…


These are the ones we have… the beauty is that if you are the proud owner of a few, you can do this…


Remove the lids and little “sip” covers, the comfy band grip (that stops your finger tips getting too hot or cold) and swap them around to match your mood, outfit, drink …


Couldn’t resist having a little photo shoot opportunity and take some modelling shots!


… and…


Pretty cool Eh!

These “dude” cups are a real hit in my family, we all love them so buying them was a really good investment!

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Best wishes, Jay X

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “Ice Cream was invented in China in approx 2000BC”



  1. Hi Jay, I had no idea that these great little cups originated in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for an informative post. I’m glad you went random. Heather

  2. Yes, just down the road from you (ish!) Always good to know of some like the KeepCup! Bye, keep reading your blog, always look forward to catching up with your news… Jay

  3. Great post!! Nice to see you around!! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t see you before hand…well, if I do….you know! Lol!! 🙂

  4. Very good. As always an interesting blog and to think they come from Melbourne. It is nice that you have given the link. I have one myself that I use each day which is red and orange, brightens my morning. I will stay tuned for your next blog, what on earth will it be I wonder! Maxie

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