As sister’s go, I have the best one!  We have a really special relationship….  We live zillions of miles apart, yet we carry on as if we live next door to each other.  We email most days, and when we don’t we still know what we are thinking.  I thought telepathy was a load of nonsense, but it’s not, especially if you have a special relationship  like we do.

We had a very memorable  get-together recently… it was the sweetest time, talk about talk… we didn’t stop, and laugh, Oh boy, did we!

You know when you laugh so much your sides hurt, and you run out of laugh noises, and you start snorting, well that’s what happened!

Our families merged beautifully into one, our youngsters spent simple,  comfortable moment together. Watching scary movies, stuffing sweets and popcorn,  taking a walk,  pushing and shoving each other like kids do, playing games and lots and lots of teasing and giggling… beautiful,  as sisters of these youngsters did observe…

As we had missed several special Birthdays as the miles had kept us apart, we decided to have silly joint one.  The years between us added up… so how many 227th Birthday parties have you been to?  Well we have, but just the one!    We decided on a theme, a really bonkers one,  we all  wore a false moustache… well, they are very much in ‘Vogue’ don’t you know!

Freightingly, some of the “looks” we created were a bit realistic and suited the characters, and that was just the girls!


and the boys!

They were cheap and great fun, and caused much hilarity amongst us, as you can imagine… well, if you are little crazy…

Here are a few words I have found that sum up my sis, some funny, and some that will squeeze your heart….


She knows how stupid I am , but still chooses to be seen in public with me…

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost….

There is no better friend than a sister, and there is no better sister than you…

I smile because you are my sister… I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!

Never let an angry sister brush your hair…

Always remember I will pick you up if you fall… after I have stopped laughing!

You might be able to kid the world, but you can never kid your sister…

I feel closer to you because you know me so much better than I realise… and you still love me…

You think I am crazy… you should meet my sister!

The anguish I  feel when she is in pain wells up in my chest, and threatens to register on my face…


I am the little one, and my big lovely, sister stands beside me which she did then, and still does to this very day…

Wether you have a sister or brother, never forget you are joined in a incredibly special way, you each came from the same source, nothing can ever be as special as the relationship of your sibling… cherish it beyond all, as this relationship will be true and undeniable what ever your differences may be… forget all differences before it is too late,   love each other without question…

“Family” is some thing precious, my husband, my daughter, my sister, my nephews, my parents… my family by marriage, you are special too!

Best wishes to all that pop in and visit me from time to time… thank you… Always be delighted to hear from you.

Jay x

Extra snippet for you from Snoo “There are at least 6,700 languages in the world”


3 thoughts on “I LOVE MY SISTER… SIMPLE…

  1. Adorable photo of you as children.
    I am fortunate to have three sisters, two older and one younger. I am also even luckier as I have two brothers.
    So nice that you were able to catch up with your sister and her family.

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