May I share with you an idea that is simple, very easy to pop together,  quite pretty and great to give as gifts.  My best friend has two teenage girls who I really like to give a little Christmas gift to, but never know really what to buy for them.  They both have full lives at school and university, have lots of interests and hobbies, lovely bright young’s things! So, this is what I did for them this Christmas…


This is how I started.  I bought two  glass  Kilner (Mason Jars Style) with handles (thought they would be useful for hot chocolate after all the chocolate coins had been eaten!) there are some very pretty colours available too, but decided clear glass so the content could bee seen.  They were really reasonable approx £2.00 each.


I found these super colourful coins in Morrison’s super market, bought two little nets… can’t remember how much they were, not many pennies more expensive than the normal gold and silver ones (PLEASE visit my blog soon as I have more to show you about the coins… super, see you later!)


These waxed candy pink and white striped drinking straws at approx £2.00 a packSAM_3416

Next I gathered up all the things I was going to need… Pretty fabric, pinking shears (if you don’t have a pair, you might have a friend who will lend you theirs… or use normal scissors) ribbon, label punch, card, pretty waxed drinking straws….


Guessed the size I wanted the fabric jar cover tops and cut out circles… start with them a little larger than you think, you can always trim them down to size. Tipped the coins into the jars… then all the was really to do was the bows and trims…

I then punched out quite a few pretty coloured “labels”

Sorted out some pretty co-ordinating coloured organza ribbon (I like organza ribbon… it ties and bows so nicely, bows tie and stay put without slipping as  satin styles often do…know what I mean!?)
Made a bunch of straws and used some of the same ribbon.
A little tip before you tie the ribbon around the fabric at the top of the jar… pop a rubber band around where you will be placing the ribbon, adjust, and wiggle the fabric evenly into place, tie the ribbon, then snip the rubber band and gently pull away leaving neat ribbon!
Just a few more snaps!
All done! Pretty!

Thanks for stopping by, plan to blog a little more in 2015, I have found my way back after being a bit wobbly over the last few months… Would love to hear from you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN 2015…. “PEACE THE WORLD OVER” as my dear husband would always say…

Jay X

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “The liner QE2 moved only six inches for every gallon of diesel that was used”



  1. These are so adorable!! I love them. I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling too well, I hope your feeling better now and get stronger each day. Hugs Sandy ❤

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