The meeting house has a gap under the door where the wind sneaks in… trying to keep the room warm and cosy during this time of year is difficult at the best of times.  With my newly acquired (and rather basic, I must admit) crochet skill, I have managed to make some thing that hopefully will be fit for purpose!

I wanted to choose a yarn that was thick and chunky, also wanted to get the job done as quick as possible so it could be put to use, stopping those nasty little chills creeping into the room.  Wasn’t too sure if pure wool would stand up to possibly getting damp, plumped for this yarn… King Cole Comfort Chunky 100% polyester, in these smart jolly colours! I bought two balls of silver, one each of aqua and red.
Looked through my collection of crochet hooks and selected the big one! (6mm)
I had to do a little guess work next, not really knowing how many chains I would need to cast on as I wasn’t following a pattern or instructions… just going with my gut feel on this project. Chained 50…
I have used the double crochet (UK) stitch, single (US) for this project. Looking at the yarn I decided on a repeat stripe pattern of four rows silver, two rows aqua, two rows red, two rows aqua, four rows silver, kept going like this until I reached 40 inches (the width of the door alcove) Please remember this colour repeat as it will come up again in a blog I am mulling over in the near future… please come back to visit me soon to find out!
Keeping to even rows means that the little yarn tails when changing colour are always on the same edge. I left them appox 3-4 inches long as I wanted to use them to sew the long edges together with the same colour, keeping it neat and tidy.
That is quite a lot of crocheting… happily kept my lap warm while working!
I carefully sewed up the long sides matching colours from each end of the piece leaving a section open in the middle of approx 12 inches, for inserting the stuffing.
For each ends, with the red yarn, I made a magic ring, chain 3, yarn over, crochet 12 double crochet into the ring to form a firm little circle.
Each round increase by 12. Chain 3, crochet twice into each of the “v” stitches to make the next row.
Add new colour, use same method, remember this time to increase in every other stitch. Two rows/rounds of aqua.
Add one row/round of silver.
Carefully ease the crochet circle into each end of the “tube”, I found pinning it in to place helped to keep the edges together as I worked around. Once you get going it just seems to fit! Finish with a firm slip stitch and pull yarn into the inside via the opening.
I wanted the stuffing to be waterproof and weighty. Saved some polythene wrapping and mini bubble wrap, crunched it up a little.
Bought some dry gravel.SAM_3433

I took a hand full of gravel, filled up 8 little kitchen “snappy” food bags. Pushed the polythene/bubble wrap in through the “tube” opening, arranging it as evenly as possible, placed the little gravel parcels evenly spaced in the scrunched polythene/bubble wrap the length of the tube. Sew up the opening using the yarn tail ends.

This is all the Yarn I had left over.
So I made these! I will blog about pom poms in a blog later on, please come back and visit… thanks!
Last photo, snuggly wedged into place stopping all the chills from finding their way under the door to us!
Thanks for visiting me, be delighted to hear from you.
Best wishes, Jay x
My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “… A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time… 1/100th of a second…”




  1. Enjoyed your post! You have been a busy bee!! Love to you and Happy New Year! Hugs, Sandy

  2. Nice to know that the room is now draft free and cozy for all. As always I am impressed by the verity of your blog, makes for very interesting reading. Maxie

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