I spend a lot of time appreciating colour and colour collections. This blog I’ve decided to hunt for those bright, big, bold beyond rainbow collections in things that delight me… and to brighten up these winter days we are having… I’m going to keep to mostly pictures, so you don’t have to work hard at all on this post… just scroll through and enjoy!
Okay, lets kick off shall we!

Not only is this a great colour collection to start off with, it is also beautiful yarn… soft and yummy to knit/crochet with!


Have been in my button box again!


Remember a few posts ago telling you about my FLOWER POWER BADGES for OMG, such a mixture of colours.


Vintage colour.  My original 1940’s rag rug  I bought years ago in a second hand shop which is on the floor in my kitchen.  An old glass jelly dish filled with beautiful hand painted vintage Easter Eggs bought from a delightful second hand shop in  what was East Berlin.


A cushion I have for sale on my Etsy shop…. if you are interested, please have a look at my shop   The Sewing Wren… sorry for the plug, but I happen to think this goes well in this colour post.


Just before I made a HUGE bowl of fresh fruit salad for tea.


WOW… P&Q fabric… ummm!


Oh my beautiful long string of glass beads!  This is  very special, I wear them all the time.  My sister  lovingly makes these gorgeous  and unique beauties.   This particular one she made especially for me… She occasionally creates and sells them on a commission basis.  So, if you are interested, please do get in touch.  There is a little questionnaire, she will ask of you,  what colours suit you, colours to avoid, how long you would like the string, and so on, any special little request?? She is a fiend when it comes to her bead collections.  Majority of her booty of treasures  are either old, vintage, and in some cases antique.  She is always on the hunt for bead necklaces and rosary’s that are  some times broken or have missing clasps.  Some times the necklaces are pretty dreadful, however she has an “eye” to spot there might be a  “gem” sneaked in amongst the rubbish ones.  All the beads are either semi precious, glass or vintage materials… no cheap modern plastic!  She painstakingly takes away all the bad or broken bits, polishes each bead, and pops then in her filing system of jam jars! She will try  to add some thing really quirky and personal into each piece.  Notice in my  necklace the special piece is the little silver Noah’s ark…


Remember these that I crocheted for Easter OMG?


In my sewing box…Coats cotton thread is lovely to work with, one of my favourite thread brands.


This a photo I took when I was helping Lucy  http://attic24.typepad.com/for  the decorations for YARNDALE 2013. This was  when every one from far and wide were sending her their crochet master pieces of bunting triangles to her.  I had a load of triangles arranged on my kitchen floor (swept and mopped I may add!) pre-stringing all the crochet bunting together… Lucy asked if she could use the picture in her blog/facebook  as  she thought the colours were so lovely, so you may have seen it before.


I can never bring myself to use normal all steel pins in my craft, I love  using  glass headed colourful ones……


Oh my word, just look at these socks!


Silly but cute, my daughter came up with little collection of critters she collected when she was quite tiny, and still has, perfect for this colour blog, thanks “G”

This devine little collection of mini coloured pencils… fantastic wheel of a colour spectrum.


I hope you have enjoyed flicking thru these pic’s, I have really enjoyed collecting them for this blog… let me know what you think, looking forward to reading your comments.

Best wishes,  Jay X

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo  “There are more saunas than there are cars in Finland”


2 thoughts on “I LOVE BIG COLOUR!

  1. Hello!! Yes, big color!! Fabulous photos, and I loved your post!! I was looking at some wooden buttons this evening on Etsy…I ran into one vendor that posted on her listing about washing wooden buttons!! That did it for me!! Love yours! Sandy

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