Another baby!

Our dear friends have just become grand parents for the first time to a little boy, how absolutely fabulous and so exciting!

There is never a better excuse to get the sewing machine out again  to make some thing special for a new little person. Having only just made the baby girl  draw string bag for baby Fearne, I thought another would be super to make, but this time thinking about a little boy!  This is what I came up with….

Adorable fabric called “Tweet Together” by Monkey Bow” for “StudioFabrics”


The felt colours I decided were a pretty good match for the appliqué


Used the same fabric for both sides with this bag, however did appliqué on both sides as I have become comfortable with this stitch on my sewing machine.  Machine appliqué isn’t hard, just takes a little time to perfect especially if you have a shape with curves, you will need to get the rhythm of turning your piece as you stitch…

This is one side…
… and this is the other side…


I used a solid plain pretty blue for the draw string binding as I thought this contrast looked quite good!


The “closed” ruffled top of the bag.


As I had a tiny bit  extra fabric left over I couldn’t resist, to use it up on this little string of bunting!


Wrapped and ready to give!

Bye for now, Jay x

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “It takes more effort for  your facial muscles to frown than to smile…  :o) ”



3 thoughts on “P.S GIFT FOR BABY…

  1. A beautiful gift. I love the colour choices. The machine applique looks so professional. I will need to give it a try next time I do applique work.

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