The “Friends” draught excluder was received extremely well, and is being used, catching all of those sneaky little draughts that are nipping around this time of year… delighted that it is use!

Got me thinking, hey, I have a draught too… under my kitchen door that is most unwelcome, so without delay I  gathered together yarn I had left over from a  very “tweedy” project I made years ago. This is what I came up with…

In situ, perfect fit for the door alcove, so sits there snugly!


Few close ups to see the colours and texture


… and another…


I had just about enough yarn left over to do the ends, this is one…


… and this is the other!


This is the “long and the short of it!”


Sorry I didn’t take any photo’s while crocheting away, too focused and involved, but it is along the same lines as the other one I made, only VERY random with my stripes.

I did have a little think about colour dispersal as I wanted the colours to run through the whole piece.  Although “random” sounds easy, I would advise, if you want to have a go,  to try and be a bit organised with colours as it could be very frustrating if you run out of a colour which you wanted running throughout the project!


Quite pleased… what do you think?

Always delighted to hear from you, leave me a message or comment…

Best wishes,  Jay x

Little extra snipped from Snoo  “Dolphins sleep with one eye open”



  1. Looks great Jay, good advise on yarn using up. I hope this has made a difference to the snugness of your room. Maxie

    • Hello Jo, good to hear from you! Have been reading up on all your latest blog-craft projects over the last little while, delighted to see what you have been up to! All the best, enjoyed tea with “S” the other evening … super! Made my week!!! Ummmm …. lovely! Jay xx

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