I recently spent a totally enjoyable lunch, and crafty afternoon get-together with two very special friends who I truly believe have “saved” me. What do you?  do? – say? – give? –  to say thank you? There are many things I know, but I thought BUNS on this occasions!

The favourite easy sponge recipe I use is from Delia Smith, “all in one” Victoria Sandwich, I sling in great amounts of chocolate, always works for me so this is the  one I can rely on.  Instead of two cake sandwich tins I divide into bun cases, as we say up North… if you are a Southerner you would probably say cup cakes, Americans may say muffins … not sure they are quite muffins though!

I have these posh little glass cake display stands with covers so decided to use them  to show just one little bun for each to take my first photo for this post!


Faithfully Delia…

The ingredients…


The recipe…

I do like to add a nice chocolate fudge style icing using good chocolate with a high cocoa content, icing sugar and butter. Melt the chocolate, soften the butter and sieve in the icing sugar… didn’t bother to measure the amounts, just kept an eye of the fudgy consistency.


Super to add a little fun topping, found these little chocolate balls in the baking aisle in my local supermarket,  which are white, milk and plain chocolate and really finish off the buns!


Add the little balls by tipping then into quite a small yet deep bowl, while the fudge is still soft turn the bun upside down and press quite firmly into the balls so a good cover is achieved.


Leave to set and cool.


My two friends  are completely different with their  taste (apart from chocolate… thats a total winner who ever!) so bought different bun cases.


All boxed up!


I just love to make sure the presentation of any gift is just right, so go out of my way with boxes, wrapping and ribbons… this is what I came up with for the girls…


Great little cake boxes I bought at the cook shop, this one especially as the design  is soOOoo pretty!


I even made little cards to write my message (will blog about the little card and envelope maker I have another time)


Send me a message if you have a moment, would love to hear from you!

Best wishes, Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “The Beatles used the word LOVE 613 times throughout their career”




One thought on “THANK YOU BUNS!!

  1. I bet your friends were so pleased, I would have been, what a great pressie. Being from the South myself I would call them cup cakes, buns are things with currents in made with yeast! Once again I think you have got your blog just right, not just photos with one line of text but to to wordy either. Thank you for taking the time to share. Maxie

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