Remember a blog or two ago, the one about the Mason Jars, yes?  well I said I would be blogging again as a spin off… here goes…


You can’t imagine how excited I was when I saw these colourful chocolate coins in the supermarket… bought a few nets worth … and gave them as presents … see my entry a while a go about the mason jars…


Well,  before I gave them away, I just had to play… Just love colour combinations of any description, always on the look out for collections to get inspired by for my crafty projects and to photograph for my blog!

Then came the real play time!

Bad ass black money, suitable for witches, whizzards and Dark Lords…



Especially good if you were able to get hold of for Halloween.


Perfect for Breast Cancer awareness (which I did little packages to my mum and friend who have been through the terrible ordeal)


The pink coins were yelling at me to make into a heart…oh yes they were!

Close up of little pinkies…
Traditional, always good to have plenty of gold coins at Christmas, and easy to find in the shops later in the year…
Another colour that would be especially good at Halloween…yes?
Green… still playing!
Little flower shapes in blue… forget-me-nots?
Blue money… why not!
This one really made me smile… do you recognise the colour way… no? Go have a look at my blog titled, “Draught Excluder for Friends” and you will get it… couldn’t help myself!

Good of you to drop by, would love to hear from  you…

Jay X

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo  “…The ride, in the song “A ticket to ride” by the Beatles is based on “Ryde” on the Isle of Wight…”



One thought on “THE COLOUR OF MONEY!

  1. Hallo there J. I have never seen these type of coins, but then I do try to keep away from the confectionery bit of shops where possible! They do look fantastic and so happy, made me smile. I do like your way with colour. As I always look forward to your blogs I do remember the jars and the draft excluder. Never boring. Great. Maxie

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