Look what I’ve bought!


I do like to make jam and jellies when there is an abundance of soft fruit available.  Especially enjoy harvesting from my garden.  I have red and black current canes which do produce a good quality and quantity of berries each year.  I use them mostly for jelly (we’re not keen of the little pips that remain, if making jam) I also love to use the berries in fruit salad and as a garnish on cakes… lemon drizzle especially!

I normally use my trusted Harrods Preserve book (Please see my blog Middle of the Night Jelly) and pull out my big old battered (from a junk shop) preserving pan the hides in the back of the pantry for most of the year!  The rest I make up!  I don’t have a thermometer or funnel or posh labels (normally)  when I saw this pretty little boxed set,  I was “ever-so-sligthly” (or in reality, VERY excited) and… it was incredibly reduced in price so I bought it!

So, in the box were the following goodies!


Six classic one pound jam jars…

A stainless steel jar funnel and preserve thermometer, neither of which have I had before, so pretty excited!

SAM_4248These very pretty stick on labels and pot covers, waxed discs, little bag of perfectly sized rubber bands…

SAM_4245As shown on the box.

SAM_4250Recipe for strawberry jam.

SAM_4244Even the box lid is soooOOOooo pretty!

I have it tucked away ready waiting for the first batch of jam or jelly that I decide to make, feel very comforted that I am ready to go with my special set, just need to add fruit, sugar and time, love for making is easy to find…!

Thanks for visiting me, please pop back later to see what I made…

Best wishes, Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “…the average pencil can draw a line approx 35km long…”


2 thoughts on “PRESERVING SET

  1. I can see Lemon Curd in these. Lovely yellow colour with the pretty tops and labels. However as you are coming into summer I am sure that the strawberries will be ready soon. Maxie

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