I’ve had a few unsettled days recently so needed to do some thing uncomplicated and refreshing to uplift my spirits.

Very simply I took my dog out for a walk extra early one morning before any one was around, it was lovely!!

Doggie and I started off from the house as normal, then decided to make our way right up to the top of the hills that surround the village where I live.  Almost out of puff (me, not the dog!) I turned around to take in the view… it was all rather unusual. The early morning mist was laying like a soft white blanket in the valley, I couldn’t see the village at all. However, I could see for miles and miles the surrounding hills in the far distance. It was silent, still and cool… Sorry, didn’t think to take my camera, please close your eyes and imagine…

Our route home took us down lanes and through the meadows. The grass was very long and heavy with dew, it was so funny watching doggie (she is a Yorkie – Russell … so short legs!) as she bounced through the long grass, she was soaked to the skin, I am sure I caught her smiling!!


For my kitchen table I picked these simple wild flowers which made me a little teensy bit happy, caught myself smiling too!… simply delightful!

I was so pleased  to see there are still pretty wild flowers growing in the fields and hedgerows.  Others in abundance, which I didn’t collect were  thistles and long fluffy headed grasses, and lots and lots of clover.

I should think the farmer will very soon let the cattle or sheep into the “buttercup” field to munch on the long grass… good to think of the natural fodder for he animals, will be a little sad however not to be able to watch doggie jump and hide in the grass, we will have to find another field!

Best wishes, all the very best to you, Jay x

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “… a vamp is the upper top part front of a shoe…”

This info is especially for all you cobblers! … please let me know other wise if this is not correct and I will get on to Snoo in a jiffy!

J x


2 thoughts on “MEADOW FLOWERS

  1. Hi J , I have a Lot of problems loading your blog and today couldn’t even see your photos and it’s taken about 10mins to write this. Do you have any idea why? Jo x

  2. Hi there Jay. As I have not been at my computer as much lately I have missed this blog. I love a hedgerow, such an English thing. Are there still many cobblers around? Sadly, I do not think we get things repaired as we did in the past. Maxie

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