I hadn’t intended to do much for autumn apart from a few Halloween decorations on the day, but seeing all the pumpkins in the shops, and for sale at the side of the country roads, it has made me think differently especially when I saw these gourds (squash)? I’m gonna call them gourds as its a lovely word when you roll it around your mouth, lips sticking out with extra exaggerated force!

They were incredibly reasonable at just 89p each (Aldi… I know, a surprise to find them!) they also can be used after enjoying them in a display, for cooking… and to save the seeds to have a go at growing my own in my garden next year. WIN, WIN, WIN !
There were so many different shapes, sizes and colours I found it difficult to choose just a couple, so I bought a Gourd treasure collection!

This one in particular I had to have as he is such an ugly warty character, but I do kinda love him for being so awesome!

I went for a variety of colours, wasn’t going to get the white one at first as didn’t think it fitted in with the autumn – Halloween colour scheme. After a circuit of the shop, I went  back and got the white one! :0)

While out with the dog later in the afternoon (beautiful soft sunshine and surprisingly warm) I found myself looking at the trees for their colour. I guess I was thinking about Fall in the United States being such a beautiful spectacle, having enjoyed some perfect times in New Jersey and New England at this time of year in the past, made me think I should collect a few fallen leaves to accompany my Gourds in a display.

My first display with out the ugly critter gourd and no rose hips … just leaves


My next walk I collected a few little sprigs of rose hips and a few oak leaves to add a bit of red and green… and LOOK ugly has appeared!  Warts, carbuncles and all… such a character!


Now in my front porch…


I don’t know whether this autumn in the UK is particularly  lovely,  or maybe I haven’t really, really looked before. I’m feeling quite proud that we in the UK can do “Fall” even if it is on a smaller scale to the big beautiful bounty to our friends across the ocean.

Thanks for stopping by, would love to hear from you…

Jay x

Extra little snippet for you from Snoo “… On average 150 couples get married in Las Vegas each day…”


One thought on “GOURDS…? SQUASH…?

  1. Jay. Very nice. I agree with you about the UK in the Autumn. I have not lived in the UK for over 30 years and coming back for my mums birthday a few years ago, which is in November (not a month I would have chosen to visit your side of the world I must say). I was very taken with the countryside and how colourful it was, yellow though to red, lovely. Brought back all sorts of memories. Outside fires and wood smoke, racking up leaves, mild days and cold nights, first batches of soup, now pumpkin soup… theres something to use your gourds for. Thank you for your blog. Maxie

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