Easy peasey lemon squeezy!


This pre-printed bunting is perfect! If you haven’t time to choose, collect and hunt for fabric to make bunting, can’t decide on a pennant size this pre-printed selection is perfect! If you want some, please scroll to end of this post…


It comes in a variety of colour ways, with the same design, stripes, dots, little stars, large stars, stripe/floral…


No instructions really needed, but just in case, this is how I made the two colours… BOY and GIRL… (see later photo’s)


Cut out the pennants (easy!) I made sure that I snipped exactly in the centre of the unprinted bit (white) so it would be easy to judge the sew line without getting any “white” showing.


Right sides together, pin a teeny weeny bit (maybe only 1 or 2 mm) inside the printed design.


Whizz around on the sewing machine. Double stitch the pointed end about an inch each side of the “V” for added strength.


See… I have machine stitched just inside the design.


Turn inside out, gently push out the end tip.  I first tried a knitting needle but found the point went straight through the end, best thing I found was a pair of “closed” scissors, but go gentle…!

Press with warm Iron.


Trim off little “ears” and loose thread ends.


Decide how far apart you wish your pennants to be from each other. Pin and tack open side of pennants into folded tape.  I measured approx one inch.

(TIP although it takes a little longer I would advise to tack the pennants into the folded tape,  if you skip this step you might find the pennants/tape move as you sew and you end up having to unpick… hate doing this!!)

Finish off tape ends with rings or just fold over neatly.  Or if your prefer, allow a longer length of tape before and after positioning the pennants and use for tying.

Lightly press.


… for little girl…


…and for little lad…



I have this fabric for sale in my Etsy shop if you wish to buy some, should you fancy making some quick bunting. I would be glad to make it up for you if you prefer, please contact me for costing.  Please visit me at :-thesewingwren  … a little thread goes a long way…

Once again, thanks for stopping by…

Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “…China was the first country to use paper money…”


2 thoughts on “MORE BUNTING!

  1. Nice Jay. I am sure that the little girl and boy will be delighted with their bunting. Maxie

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