Following on from my blog titled “Spots can be beautiful” I would like to share with you another project using the spot applique technique.  I didn’t think to take photo’s as I was making this one, however the procedure is almost exactly the same as “Spot can be beautiful” with the edition of a colourful block design in the centre.


This fabric was fab to work with as it was a woven striped texture which was super for getting a nice easy curve on those spots!


You can just about see the weeny stitches around each spot.  I also had a reel of fancy bright rainbow varigated thread which I decided to use for the quilting.  The stitching on the beige surround I did using  my sewing machine, normal straight stitch, and just wiggled the piece as I stitched to gain a wavy line effect. Really easy to do.



The quilting on the block section I did by hand using the same colourful thread.  With a chalk pencil I drew circles varying in size all over, then simple stitched over the lines.  Brushed off the chalk makings once all stitching complete.


I had a piece of turquoise left, and it was a perfect size for the backing.


The binding was made by using up all the little left over pieces.  Easy to sew together, then add to the edge bringing the colour together for the whole quilt.


I look this photo standing on a chair in my kitchen… just putting the chair back, and look who sneaked in to see what I was doing…


This is “Pic” my cute fluffy Yorkie-Russell, she an  absolute delightful little thing even if she is a bit naughty some times,  sneaking onto my quilt, and flopping down for a little rest!  This quilt  is normally used as a topper for the dining room table.  Couldn’t resist taking this photo!

Some of my photo’s look really dull, some really bright, I guess that is just one of those things, I am an absolute amateur with regards to photography, little hit and miss.  The actual colour of the quilt is more like the bright snaps, if you are interested.

I have enjoyed showing you these photo’s, especially the doggie one!  Would love to hear from you.

Jay x

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “… cows have best friends within their herds…”


One thought on “BLOCK, SPOT AND PIC…

  1. What a sweet little dog. You cannot really blame her for taking advantage of the quilt, after all it was on the floor! Great blog. I must say I do like the square of the actual quilt and the spots of the quilting. Nice. Like the colours to. Maxie

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