Not so long ago, I guess it could have been around Christmas I bought my self a new pair of wellington boots… An essential bit of foot wear when you have a dog and it’s winter! I suppose I do wear them for a couple of hours most days so they do get worn, but I had thought I’d get at least a winter out of them.  They were “mid” priced so did expect them to last a bit longer.


I was really upset to see  the back seam on both boots has split apart, the foot part is fine and water tight.  With down turned mouth,  (hate waste!)  I was just about to toss them in the dust bin when I thought  “wait a moment” I have an idea… bit of a light bulb moment actually!


Let me share with you the life of a lifeless (so I thought) pair of wellies…


Kicking them off in the garden after discovering the splits


The splits


Getting out my scissors and cutting… and shaping…


Scrubbing and pulling out the old baggy  inner…


New pair of inner socks



They are perfect for keeping by the back door and slipping my feet in when I either nip to the dust bin, or popping the washing on the line when the lawn is wet, and taking the dog for a walk in the very muddy park. Of course, going for a paddle in the river or sea might not be great with these guys on your feet as they would soon fill up over the bulkheads!


I  have no particular rush to go buy a new pair of wellies now, I will invest in a tall pair soon  for those occasions  when “me and the doggie”  do want to splash through deep water, would be such a shame to miss out on those walks just because I only have a pair of “short” wellies!!

Bye for now, please send me a comment, especially if you feel like telling me I am a little bonkers!

Jay xxx

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “…seeing somebody smile actually makes you happier…”





  1. Wonderful inspiration and certainly not bonkers. You have made full use of something that would otherwise have been thrown out. Wellington done! 🙂

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