On a clear night I do look into the sky and see if I can identify constellations, but its really quite difficult if you are a novice like me, until you get the hang of it… try and block out certain stars to focus on the ones that form a recognised star constellation.  The best way I find is  to hold my Apple IPad up high, arms length, on a clear night in the garden (!) I have even been known to walk down to the playing field at the bottom on my lane… at “silly O’clock”!  There are all sorts of different site you can use to find the stars.

Not only have I found to my delight star formations in the night sky,  I have also seen the ISS (International Space Station)  moving across the sky, this is quite special to see. Go onto the site (I just tapped in ISS schedule over the where I live) and see if it’s in your evening sky, then you can time and plot a moment… some times it’s at a crazy time of the night, or early morning, but I think it’s worth setting the alarm to watch, maybe once!


Besides the stars in the sky, there are loads of references to stars in our lives, we say the word “star ” lots in our every day conversations.  We see it  on posters, on the supermarket shelves,  they are featured in many  countries flags, we hear it on the TV and radio, read our stars in the newspaper or magazine’s, they are  in many song lyric’s (my favourite is that beautiful song STARS that  Javert sings in Les Miserables), many stories, we hear them mentioned at school, in the work place… just think about it, quite amazing how well used this little word, we all know so well.  It is used with such affection, and so often.   It’s a word that is mostly used for good special meanings,  for quality, bravery, and excellence.  Hardly ever do we hear it being used in a bad or negative way… There are a few exceptions I grant you…


Lucky STAR

Chasing STARS

Future STARS

Super STAR

Film, Pop, Rock, Sports STARS

Risings STARS

Your’e a STAR

Seeing STARS

STARS in their eyes

STAR performance – STAR turn

STAR gazing

Reading your STARS

Shooting STAR

STAR dust

STAR bight


Shinning STAR

STAR pupil/student/worker/colleague

STAR struck



… And then there are actual STARS…


STAR of Bethlehem.  This picture is actually a Christmas card I looked out.  The artist Ivar Benavides is a mouth painter, what an amazing talent!


Beautiful and colourful Quilts with STAR designs (there are lots of meanings in quilting star patterns)  This particular beauty was made by Cath of Wombats Quilts. Check her out at  wombatquilts.com


STAR fabric


Antique STAR jewell brooch, I bet this one sparkles, much like its value!


The Lone Star of Texas


The Northern Star



STAR Clipper cruises (Highly recommended! Two ships in the fleet which are STARS… STAR FLYER, STAR CLIPPER and their big sister who is a star, however her name is ROYAL CLIPPER.

Chocolate STARS…


I remember these little treats were a favourite of my daughter when she was a little girl.  I saw them in the local newsagents the other day so bought some – for research purposes for my blog only I might add !!


This little guy ‘*’  is under our  noses every time we’re   on our computers!  I know some say asterick or asterix … An asterick is derived from the late latin word asteriscus,  the Ancient Greek word meaning “little star”.    It is a typographical symbol also, it is so called because it resembles a conventional image of a star (details taken from google. Howerver, I do think this little star looks a teeny bit more like a daisy!


Christmas STAR – STAR decorations


The movie STARDUST OH go on, you must watch it, I found it delightful, bit cheeky and really quite entertaining if you fancy a light chic flick film to make you smile!

Back to my STAR GAZING!!! A few little facts for you about our starry night!


With a group of five stars that form a “W” or “M” at different times of the night or times of the year. To find it… opposite side of the pole to the Plough.


The dragon! This is a long winding constellation of stars that is difficult to recognise.  If you find the Plough, Draco’s head is at the opposite end!


VUL – The Fox.  A small constellation which lies as part of the Milky Way.


The Great Bear… Many cultures have associated this constellation with a bear, the word “ARCTIC” comes originally from the Greek word for bear.


Although one of the stars actually forms part of Andromeda.  The Great Square of Pegasus is an easily recognised land mark in the sky, mainly because there are very few stars in this area of the sky.  During fine night skies you might be able to count 12 or 13 stars!


The Giraffe… A relatively modern constellation, proposed only recently in 1613 by Petrus Plancious.


A small but very distinctive constellation.  It is said to represent the Dolphin that rescued the poet and musician Arion from drowing.


The Lizard… Zig zag of stars not easy to recognise because it lies in a fairly crowded area of the Milky Way.

If you can think of any other STAR references PLEAES PLEASE do leave me a comment and I will add to my list!

I have really enjoyed writing this blog, it has made me smile very much indeed!

Best wishes to all,

Jay xXx

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo… “… sound travels almost five times faster underwater that in the air …”









3 thoughts on “***STARS***

  1. Although I am not American I thought of the star spangled banner. As a teacher when you awarded a gold star it was for outstanding work. I also used to have star of the week in my class.
    starstruck and Startrek!

  2. Hi there Jay. I think you are a star. Always something unexpected. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog. I really enjoy reading them. Maxie

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