Scented candles… ummm! I know some people who buy them get teased… but I do have a place for them in my life…  I  light one in the kitchen after I have cooked some thing that I don’t want the smell hanging around, especially when you go the the kitchen the next morning and you get that big whiff of fish or onions!  Know what I mean?  Also, I do like them in the winter months, the ones with a hint of forest or  warm spice. And, I must admit I do kinda like the one in the bathroom, along with bubbles and a glass of wine…

So, I bought a lovely and very expensive  one (yep, candles do seems a bit pricey don’t you think?)  Its from the MELT who produce  all sorts of different fragrances.  I chose the big chubby one called NOCTURNE.  It is absolutely devine!


However after several sessions of it being lit… this is what happened.


It’s such a shame that the candle looks so ugly and at some point useless as the wick has burned right down to nothing.  This has happened several times with other candles, I’m not sure what the manufactures can do…  I have seen really big wide candles with several wicks, which I assume gives a more even burn.

Had this candles been just an “okay” scent I probably wouldn’t have been so upset, so I had a little think and came up with a cunning plan!


I chopped it up into little chunks

Saved a food tin (it was from canned tomatoes which had a very thin inner white plastic lining which is better for less contamination) washed it so it was scrupliously clean, and completely dry.   Once finished with this project, just toss the tin back into your recycling bin!


Boil water and poured it into a small saucepan… I did think I could heat the wax straight into my saucepan, however I didn’t for several reasons.  This candle is black and I thought it might mess up my rather expensive pan (don’t have a cheap old one otherwise I may have used it!) Thought the scent may remain in the pan, and also the black wax might stain the pan… also would I want to use it for food after scented wax had been in it…?

Put the little wax chunks into the tin and place the tin in the water.  This method is the same as melting chocolate!  The wax has a low melting point so it started to soften and melt into liquid almost right away!

As the tin bobbed around a little in the water I placed my kitchen tongs over the top to keep it stable, also great for using as the tin and wax gets very hot, using them avoids possibly burning your hand.

In the mean time I had prepared little “shot” glasses.


Bought some wax wick tapers with little coin-like stands.  I got this little pack from Hobbycraft for £1.50


Me thinks… the taper might move as I pour in the hot wax… so I thought a tiny pip of blue tack would just hold into place ….


… yes… it worked!


Pressed the wicks into place at the bottom of each little glass


Then I poured the hot wax gently into the glasses. I found that it was better to fill the glass half way, let it set then pour on more  hot wax.

Once the wax was set I did notice the wax settled around the wick so there was a little dip, easy…  just melted a little more wax and topped up the glasses.


These new little “shot” tea lights are a perfect size and hope they will burn away completely!


The scent in my kitchen as I was doing this little candle “make-over” was soooOOOO lovely and heady, I wish I had a “smell-o-blog” so I could share with you!

Hope this might give your scented candles a little more burning time… thanks for popping by, as always it would be smashing to hear from you…

Bye for now, Jay x

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo   “… Honey is the only food that does not spoil…”


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