Sushi… and Sushi

It’s one of those foods that looks so pretty, clean, precise and smart… Very pleasing to the eye.  The Japanese are clever with food like so many other great nations.  Around the world we have become so cosmapolitian with our desire to eat and admire a huge variety of delicious cuisine. We are so lucky, there is a special food for every one even if it’s not from our native land.

Sushi hits the spot for me on many counts:-

*It looks delightful, designed and carefully crafted a pleasure to look at.

*It tastes wonderfully different, and is quite unique for flavour and texture.

*Healthy little morsels, low in calories

*Made from ingredients that have little or no cooking, all natural flavours and vitamins      remain.

*Great for sharing with friends, and will often create a talking point.

*Very little preparation and hardly any washing up!

*Great for snacking or for a pack-up lunch.

*You don’t need much (in my opinion) to feel satisfied.

*Now available in most good supermarkets… Favourites are M&S and ASDA.


This is the fish roll snack selection that I buy from M&S, I make it do for two snack lunches. Comes with a little plastic bottle of soy sauce, sachet of wasabi paste and a few flakes of fresh ginger.


Take special note of the shrimp sushi at the bottom right of the picture… Yumm… this is one of my all time favourite fish selection from ASDA at about £3.oo great value.  Comes with a little bottle of soy sauce – (look at the next picture to see the shape, cute!) sachet’s of wasabi and fresh ginger.


Because…. look at this!


This beautifully crochet sushi set was given to me at Christmas from my daughter.  She bought it on line from an etsy shop… May I introduce Perrine, of MushyP, go and have a look at her shop to see all the other beautifully made goodies!  A very talented lady! She also has a blog, go to:-


Look at the workmanship in close  detail of each piece, the shrimp is perfect!


Little glass seed beads add to the authentic look of each sushi morsel.


I am a TOTAL fan of any one who makes some thing different and who obviously puts their heart and soul into their chosen project, even better if its a little bonkers! I love it!

Thanks for looking by, please get in touch, would be smashing to hear from you.

Jay x

My little extra snippet for you from Snoo “… no piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven times…”

One thought on “sushi

  1. So beautifully written: sushis are mini pieces of art, simply delicate to the eyes and to the mouth.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post all about my favorite food – sushis! Perrine… from Petit MushyP xx

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