We have all played games as children, and with our own children about spotting hidden “things” in puzzles, games and pictures, well this very thought came over me  today  when taking my little doglette Pix out for a walk!!

It was a lovely bright and brisk typical English Autumn morning, blue sky and not a cloud in the sky,  absolutely, without a doubt the best for going for a walk in the woods.  A few strides from my front door is the country side, big fields, wood land and country lanes… off we go!

Apart from Pix there was only me in the copes… I could hear nothing at all and for a moment,  I thought SBJ … I’d lost my dog…


For that moment this is what I saw…


Then, phew wee, there she is!


Without dog…


With dog!  There she is sniffing around in the fallen leaves…!


Easy one for you now… without dog…!


With dog!


She is the cutest little thing, small and blond, has the sweetest nature and is as good as gold!

Best wishes to all this Autumn, I would love to hear from you if you are passing my blog!

Jay x

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “….seeing some one else smile actually makes you happier!…”

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