Once upon a time… little story…


Any one would think that I had invented electricity, the superjet or google, discovered the universe and what ever lies beyond,  or split the atom, if you could have seen me leaping around my kitchen this morning!  No, just a little thing that might even have to be tossed out of the “great inventions of man” pile and mediocrely (is that a word?) put into a bit of an ordinary upcycle/recycle pile.  Never the less I feel quite happy!

Okay, gather around for the whole story if you will, it’s short so I won’t keep you long, and it has a happy ending!  Just to put you in the picture, I am knitting… what I’m knitting I will share with you in the New Year, so you’ve got to come back to visit me in TSW blog land, and then I will know you love me!

Chapter 1

There was once  lots of little bits left over bundles of wool..sam_5725

…. and a giddy (she is actually very grumpy with me in this photograph… can’t you tell!!) little dog and her mistress, who was trying to knit at the same time as small dog wanted to play…


Chapter 2

The mistress, bought a box of paper tissues from Aldi, for a few pennies as she liked the design on the packaging and naturally needed tissues for her runny nose.


Chapter 3

One day the box was empty… shock horror, the mistress just couldn’t bear to just throw the pretty box away so added it to a heap of other stuff she had piled up in her house…


Chapter 4

In a bright flash of light the mistress whilst knitting one day thought “by jove I think I might have a use for that discarded tissue box” to stop that pesky little mutt dashing off with the wool…


****  THE END ****

I know you readers might be thinking “that idea was thought of 8 million years ago  when tissues were first invented,”  but hey, I don’t want to know … I want my story thanks…

Best wishes to you and yours this festive season, hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a SUPER HAPPY NEW YEAR… I hope for PEACE, HEALTH and HAPPINESS TO THE SPECIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE…

Jay xxx

Little extra snippet for you from Snoo “… there are more female millionaires than male millionairs…”   I kinda love this fact, especially as I’m a girl!

One thought on “Once upon a time… little story…

  1. Your little dog looks like butter would not melt in her mouth, sweet. Maybe it is the colour of the wool she did not like! Liked the post as always. Please let us all know what you are knitting in your next blog. Maxie

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