Absolutely ages ago – approx. four years, I blogged about the little yellow jumpers (30th May 2014  – TOUR DE FRANCE JUMPERS) my friends and I  knitted for decorating  my home village to support Le Tour as it passed through our streets.  After the event they were collected up and presented to the local vicar who passed them on to the charity “Fish ‘n’ Chip” babies.  Maybe you might wish to visit–Chip-Babies-Of-Africa      … it hit such a cord.

Since then the  collection of odds and ends of yarn has grown!  My friends, my sister, my mum, my neighbour, my colleagues  have searched through their craft stash and come up with a lovely colourful selection of yarns so to  continue knitting these little jumpers!


So… my big  sister and I challenged each other to a  “knit-off” mini jumper  competition!  It was not just about how many we could knit between us (which is the most important factor naturally) also to make it enjoyable for the mums of the babies too.  Having  a suitable cosy piece of clothing for their special infant.   Colour range, as in groovy (!)  needle size change (for tiny babes) This is our the result …


A dear friend (who has donated yarn) is associated with a fabulous team of individuals who go out to Uganda and literally take the jumpers (amongst other things) to the maternity clinics  for the premature and new born babies.


Just half a size needle change  and a slightly different yarn type makes a huge size variation…

We are  so moved by this foundation we find  we are  unable to ever pass a charity shop in our local towns just incase they might have a little odd ball of yarn to finish a little jumper creation.  This is our  favourite way of obtaining yarn as it’s a great way to get a yummy little stash, and “boom” the charity shop gets a few pennies too!


Look at bottom left … got a fantastic HARRY POTTER – HOGWARTS – HOUSE COLOURS going on here!


We had not only bits and bobs of small amounts of yarn, we had whole balls so we could create some total block colours which look equally good!


Some of the most effective colours were created by varigated “sock” yarn, not only super groovy colours, the yarn is fine and soft, perfect for a babies delicate skin.


Last batch before going onto another charity knitting project!

I’ll be back soon….

Thanks for dropping by, please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you!

Best wishes,  Jay x

PS … a little snippet for you from Snoo “… Koala’s have the closest finger prints to humans than any other animal…”


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    • Hello, thank you, very good to hear from you, delighted that you will be visiting my blog again… I do have a few bloggettes ideas in my mind to write, so will be back soon!

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