I have been busy with my projects and taking a view into the near future with my designs, well, I do have the time!

This is what I have come up with, roughly the same “picture” but two different colour ways.  The rustic one (first photo) I will hang in my living room as I have an exposed York stone wall.   The other in my hall which is a standard plastered wall.  Each will bring a bit of Christmas into my home without any glitter or tinsel!



This one I made with woven, plaid and tweedy fabric’s.



This one from bits and pieces from my general patchwork and quilting fabric stash.

I have made up a kit of each of the above which I have for sale from my Etsy Shop THE SEWING WREN if you fancy having a go!

In the kit you have every thing you will need to make one of these wall hangings. Full instructions and diagrams, selection of fabric (some will differ from the originals in my photos, have tried to keep with the colour/texture values) wadding, buttons and embellishments.



If you want just the instructions and rummage through your own stash I do have the pattern only for sale on my Etsy shop too!

I am busy coming up with other idea’s and kits that might be of interest so please do keep me in mind!

Thanks very much for stopping by!

Jay xx

Little snippet from Snoo “A camel can shut it’s nostrils during a desert sandstorm”


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