A good friend has written a book after finding a cache of letters found in her parents home after their deaths, for over 50 years they were hidden and undiscovered until recently.


World War Two TRUE STORY – AUSCHWITZ – Moving account of three women in Hitler’s war torn Europe during 1930’s – 1940’s

A fascinating TRUE STORY “ESCAPE TO AUSCHWITZ” the moving account of these three women, their emotions, their struggle, their triumph.

This valuable and heart breaking exchange of correspondence has been beautifully crafted into these pages by the next generation, through letters, photographs, documents, and manuscripts, a magnificent tribute to these heroic women.


It was 2004, and a cache of letters was found when our parents house was cleared in preparation for sale.  Ilse, our mother, had kept them safe for 50 years, never mentioning them nor telling their story.


Hulda, her mother Gisela and daughter Ilse, all born into an Viennese Jewish family were caught up in the tragedy of Hitler’s Europe.  The three women, bound together by a love that flows through letters, were physically torn apart by the racist politics of the 1930’s and 40’s.


Ending up in three different countries, they tried to keep hope alive through their letters to each other.

What became of them?

Did they survive?

Or did they become just another statistic of the Holocaust?

This is their story, told mainly through Hulda’s letters.

Top photography – front cover of book – Left to right Ilse, Hulda and Gisela.

I have a few copies of this book for sale in my Etsy Shop  The Sewing Wren if you would like a copy.

Take care, keep safe…

Jay xx

Little snippet for you from Snoo “The film Titanic cost more than the ship Titanic”

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