About Me

Some people would say I am “ever-so-slightly” bonkers about crafting

My second love (my first love being my family… it’s a close thing) is fabric and quilting. I love it! From choosing the fabric, to planning and some times designing my own pattern, then onto cutting and piecing… all good! Recently I have leaned how to crochet, find the picking-up and putting-down ease perfect for those evenings when you want to do some thing but not sure if your full concentration is there, and the telly is on!

I am married to a great bloke (you would agree if you knew him) we have one daughter who is a live wire and keeps us on our toes, she is off to Uni next year so we are preparing for that…sob! As a family we have a mutual interest in travel, always like to have some thing on the drawing board, or penciled in, or better still flights booked!

I am really not sure how this blog of mine will pan out, I hope to keep it interesting, maybe a little weird at times, what I promise is that it will be totally me!

Jay X


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really like the Tour de France blog and the yellow jumper is so cute. You really do have the most interesting things to say. Please keep it up, I am really looking forward to see what subject is next, no pressure! Maxie

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